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insist on (something)

1. To need to do a particular thing, in spite of others' annoyance or discouragement. My little boy insists on taking his favorite toy truck with him every where he goes. Why do you insist on wearing shorts in the middle of winter? You look like a nut!
2. To require or dictate that something happen. I insist on you following my rules while you're living in my house.
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insist (up)on something

to demand something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) I want you here now! We all insist upon it! I insist on it too.
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insist on

1. To demand something firmly and persistently: I insist on peace and quiet when I'm trying to work!
2. To continue with some behavior or course of action in spite of the disapproval of others: He insists on tapping his fingers on the desk, even though I've told him to stop.
See also: insist, on
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Some insist that the survival of our seminaries depends upon returning to the nineteenth-century formulations of a hardened Calvinistic theology.
Postmodernism in its various guises shuns grand narratives because all meaning is an interpretation; to insist on anything more is to enter the realm of fantasy, a topic taken up by Jonathan Lear.
Something more than formal, legal equality is required to overcome the legacy of slavery and Jim Crow segregation," Wilson now insists, citing "the enduring burdens--the social and psychological damage" that African-Americans bear regardless of their economic class.
This is where his work most resembles Morris's: The similarity lies not so much in the exact response solicited but in the no-holds-barred effort to insist that something happen in the gallery - those real-time events are the point.
All versions of assimilation, Hayes insists, "operate under the implicit assumption that there is something wrong with the racial otherness of black folk.
Your barn director needs to be a relentless advocate of safety procedures and should insist that staff follow suit.
He acknowledges that the processes occurring in biology are those of physics and chemistry but insists nevertheless that biology is not reducible to chemistry and physics.
MERSEYSIDE councils insist they are tackling cyber bullying.
They insist that intelligent design is merely the latest variant of creationism and does not belong in science classes.
OTTAWA -- The Catholic church will refuse to baptize children of same-sex couples if both parents insist on signing the baptism certificate, Canada's top Catholic cleric said.
And although it is typically the vehicle manufacturers that make the demands, large Tier One suppliers often insist that their suppliers follow their IT lead, as well.
The activists also insist that "deaf culture," complete with its own language--American Sign Language, or ASL--is no different from any other ethnic or linguistic culture.
The subsequent release of a negative fishing industry report caused Claude's bosses to insist that the results represented the opinion of a single person--Claude--even though universities and outside organizations did the basic research.