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insist on (something)

1. To need to do a particular thing, in spite of others' annoyance or discouragement. My little boy insists on taking his favorite toy truck with him every where he goes. Why do you insist on wearing shorts in the middle of winter? You look like a nut!
2. To require or dictate that something happen. I insist on you following my rules while you're living in my house.
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insist (up)on something

to demand something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) I want you here now! We all insist upon it! I insist on it too.
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insist on

1. To demand something firmly and persistently: I insist on peace and quiet when I'm trying to work!
2. To continue with some behavior or course of action in spite of the disapproval of others: He insists on tapping his fingers on the desk, even though I've told him to stop.
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Another thing that has been insisted upon at the school is the use of the tooth-brush.
Absolute cleanliness of the body has been insisted upon from the first.
They sat on a bench, and he had really made up his mind that here was his opportunity when Miss Wilkinson said she was sure there were earwigs and insisted on moving.
Not only did she bid him take plenty but she insisted on his taking any amount extra that he might desire at any time through the week.
Mr Osborne went on to insist more jobs have been created here, and at a faster rate, than anywhere else in Britain.
The Montenegro minnows have sent the Ibrox club a pounds 500 bill for the balls they insist went missing before Tuesday's Champions League qualifier.
Owners also insist that today's security guards be rehearsed in several first-aid measures, including CPR and the use of automatic external defibrillators, which can save the life of a heart attack victim.
But fifteen countries still insist on producing land mines.
But oil processors and food manufacturers could insist on buying palm oil only from certified growers who produce it in an environmentally sound way.
Nanotechnology buffs will insist that a revolution at the molecular level is enabling Hummers to get better gas mileage and soda makers to reduce the number of calories in their beverages.
THE EUROPEAN Commission has tabled a directive that would insist statutory auditors avoid conflicts of interest when carrying out additional work for client companies, although its proposals do not suggest an outright ban on subsidiary contracts.
It is not possible to hold to an idea of the pervasive nature of sin and, at the same time, to insist that ultimate truth can be located in human words.
We are told by its defenders that the SAT is a superb measure of academic promise, but its detractors insist that it is next to useless in helping colleges and universities select their entering class.
Insist on a list of all comparable users--similar in size , geographical location and specialty.
Some customers who aren't dealing overseas on a direct basis will insist on a U.S.