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insinuate oneself into something

to work oneself into a group or situation. She had sought for years to insinuate herself into Terry's organization. Must you always insinuate yourself into my set of friends?
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insinuate something

to someone to hint at something to someone; to imply something to someone. You think I am interested in you for your money! Is that what you are insinuating to me? I did not insinuate anything to you!
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Chances are the Insinuator will give you a vague reply like, "Let's just say I'll be cleaning fish all night, so you do the math on how many I caught.
Some insinuators choose to pass on the same kind of information
group is likely to turn to insinuators, who are willing to identify
Perhaps the most puzzling aspect of this review is a series of insinuations that I, the editor, am an insinuator.
The Qur'an, despite an overall high regard for human perfectibility, alerts its hearers to dynamic evil, referring to "the whispering insinuator who whispers in the bosoms of men" (sura 114:4-5).
It all is not the fault of Afghanistan only, the conspirators and insinuators both from within as well as the outside are too strong to be countered by the political sanity prevailing in the country.