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insinuate oneself into something

to work oneself into a group or situation. She had sought for years to insinuate herself into Terry's organization. Must you always insinuate yourself into my set of friends?
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insinuate something

to someone to hint at something to someone; to imply something to someone. You think I am interested in you for your money! Is that what you are insinuating to me? I did not insinuate anything to you!
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Some news stories and commentaries even insinuated that the courts and police were coerced into issuing and serving the arrest warrants.
After the game, Felix credited Corona del Mar for the way they played, but insinuated that he was annoyed by the large difference in ejections called against Harvard-Westlake (22) to Corona del Mar (6).
Far-off mountains, crashing waves, scene-stealing children, local landmarks--all the features that were previously so painstakingly shunned have insinuated themselves here with a vengeance.
I read this scientific, often lighthearted, account of snow, its natural permutations and human uses, during a winter in which plenty of the white stuff insinuated itself into my life.
The child sex abuse plague occurred because homosexuals insinuated themselves into the Catholic priesthood, and took diabolical advantage of the trust and respect of their victims.
When his wife, Francine (Wendy Schaal) - who's not terribly dissimilar to ``Family Guy's'' Lois - sells the house across the street to two gay TV anchormen, he's offended, only because the ``liberal media'' have insinuated themselves into his rigid enclave.
Opulent, complex, and evocatively incongruous, David Altmejd's sculptural scenarios have, in a relatively short time, insinuated themselves into the contemporary art world's collective consciousness.
Jose Guillen, traded to Washington in November, insinuated to a Bay Area reporter that pitcher Jarrod Washburn and other Angels requested that manager Mike Scioscia suspend the Angels' former left fielder for the final eight games after his on-field tirade in late September.
Verene and a female confederate insinuated themselves into this milieu, and as the woman posed Verene photographed the photographers from behind without their knowledge.
A herniated disc made Guerrero a different player, the Mets insinuated, and they had the medical charts to prove it.