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insinuate (oneself) into (something)

To gradually, often stealthily, become involved in some group or thing. The boss is starting to wonder if an undercover cop has insinuated himself into our group. Geez, would you quit trying to insinuate yourself into all aspects of my life?
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insinuate oneself into something

to work oneself into a group or situation. She had sought for years to insinuate herself into Terry's organization. Must you always insinuate yourself into my set of friends?
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insinuate something

to someone to hint at something to someone; to imply something to someone. You think I am interested in you for your money! Is that what you are insinuating to me? I did not insinuate anything to you!
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"But if she's saying it to insinuate na masama akong tao, then sobrang ka-ipokritohan naman 'yun, even for a Marcos," he added.
Antonio Trillanes IV said it would be sheer hypocrisy on the part of Senator-elect Imee Marcos if her planned Igorot ritual is meant to insinuate he is a bad person.
Summary: It all started some two months ago in the wake of the completion of the Army and Hezbollah campaigns in northeast Lebanon, which pushed extremist militants out of the barrens of Arsal and nearby villages, when suddenly Hezbollah started to insinuate the necessity of starting contacts with Damascus in order to discuss "the return of Syrian refugees to safe zones in Syria."
To insinuate that he threw himself out of the car is absurd."
Jenkins went on to insinuate in the posts that he had personal information about the social worker.
To insinuate that the citizens of Kirkby are "sock robbers" is, in my opinion, inexcusable.
HOW dare R White insinuate that she or any youngsters pay for pensions, TV licences or free NHS?
It is ridiculous to insinuate that being seduced by a minor gives an adult license to molest that minor.
Her conclusion, if not read carefully, may insinuate that the Kurds had better assimilate in the respective states in which they reside.
There was absolutely no reason to characterize a "cleavage-heavy bimbo" as an "improvement" over former FEMA Director Michael Brown, and to insinuate that President George W.
In Abstract and Close-It (both 2004), striated and knotted lines resembling strands of rhubarb cleverly insinuate a microscopic close-up of the support.
But when parents of publicly schooled children commit child abuse, the same media sources do not insinuate that there is a causal relationship between public schooling and the crime (which of course, there isn't--any more than there is a causal relationship between home schooling and child abuse).
Later, through some miracle of computer animation, dancers insinuate themselves into the projections and emerge as wasps; lighting grids seep into the floor and McGregor cavorts with phantom bugs.
A layer of epithelial tissue appeared to insinuate itself around the handle of the malleus, and it extended to the medial surface of the anterior drum remnant.
If I didn't like you I would insinuate that you're just too stingy to pay.