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fade into insignificance

To begin to seem unimportant when compared to something else. My good grades faded into insignificance once my sister got home with news that she would be the lead in the school play.
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pale into insignificance

To diminish or lessen in significance, importance, impact, or value, especially over time or compared to something else. The horrible tensions and violence that used to grip this city have started to pale into insignificance as we continue this period of peace and prosperity. I've found a bit of success with my work, but it pales into insignificance compared to eternal works of the writers who inspired me.
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pale into insignificance

lose importance or value.
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The Festival of Insignificance is the weakest of Kundera's French novels, but that does not mean that it is, forgive me, insignificant.
Sympathetic readers will find The Festival of Insignificance an entertaining divertissement, a lightly comic fiction blending Gallic theorizing and Russian-style absurdity.
Handguns, for example, pale into insignificance when compared to the societal, psychological and physical damage Best's Review's many sources indicate is caused by insurance.
Hugh Jackman is interesting to no one but himself and gays who are interested only in fluff and insignificance.
With the infinite vastness on one side and the swirling blue waters and green land masses on the other, Curtis felt his own insignificance for the first time.
Blumenfeld explains that the very insignificance of her father's wound accounts for her obsession: "If my father had been murdered, I would have been too broken to do anything except, perhaps, believe that God would take care of his killer," she writes.
SWEDEN -- Portland, Oregon is celebrated as an eco-friendly town, with six percent of commuters using mass transit, but this pates to insignificance compared with European cities.
Meeting one's tax obligations is the closest most Americans come to direct interaction with the federal government, and yet financial responsibilities pale into insignificance for many compared to the individual and family tragedies we have all had to witness this past week.
Clearly in both countries grave injustices were perpetrated, but these pale into insignificance compared to the harsh and inhuman treatment of prisoners by the Axis powers, especially Germany and Japan.
The revelation that seven of William's Hague's shadow cabinet are risking the wrath of Ann Widdecombe by admitting they once tried cannabis pales into insignificance when compared with the sordid drugs tale which emerged in our newsroom this week.
In the movie Antz, Woody Allen is the voice of an ant named "Z" who agonizes over his perception of his insignificance in the world of several million ants.
The Me Disease can appear as a temporary reaction in people who are otherwise very collegial and cooperative as a response to the sudden experience of insignificance in the large organization.
This "losing of self' can be the cure for insignificance and the "Me" Disease.
Popkin illustrates her volume with a selection of cartoons and garish headlines which underscore the place of the trivial in contemporary culture and offers--in conjunction with her larger study of the aesthetic role of insignificance in the short fiction of Chekhov, Zoshchenko, and Gogol--a remarkable strategy for understanding the value of insignificance as both a contemporary and historical literary and critical construct.
1752) A philosophic tale by Voltaire that discusses the relativity of dimensions and the insignificance of mankind in the universe.