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fade into insignificance

Something that seems unimportant when compared to something else. My good grades faded into insignificance once my sister got home with news that she would be the lead in the school play.
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pale into insignificance

lose importance or value.
See also: insignificance, pale
References in classic literature ?
For among all the impressions of the evening's talk one was of the nature of a revelation and subdued the rest to insignificance.
His confidence in the man vanished as he looked at him and saw his insignificance, his dirty appearance, his shiftiness, and his unintelligent, hairy face.
How we barely escaped the cruel fangs of lions and tigers the size of which would dwarf into pitiful insignificance the greatest felines of the outer world.
They looked at one another questioningly, for here was a sound so hideous that their own frightful din faded into insignificance beside it.
And perhaps too because of the great distance that separates Helium and Gathol, as well as the comparative insignificance of my little free city, which might easily be lost in one corner of mighty Helium," added Gahan.
The ferocity with which he had fought before paled into insignificance beside the mad fury with which he now attacked the three terrible creatures upon him.
Hamilton Fynes had become a small thing, had shrunk almost into insignificance by the side of the other still more dramatic, still more wonderful happening.
She was leaning back in the corner of the carriage, and she seemed somehow to have shrunk into an unusual insignificance.
In the play of events, my marriage sinks into insignificance, I know, so I shall barely mention it.
Further, the insignificance of Triptolemus and Eumolpus point to considerable antiquity, and the digamma is still active.
The earthquake, however, must be to every one a most impressive event: the earth, considered from our earliest childhood as the type of solidity, has oscillated like a thin crust beneath our feet; and in seeing the laboured works of man in a moment overthrown, we feel the insignificance of his boasted power.
She dared not show him her sense of her own insignificance beside him.
And yet, marvellous to consider, it has come to pass, in these days, that Express Trains don't think Cloisterham worth stopping at, but yell and whirl through it on their larger errands, casting the dust off their wheels as a testimony against its insignificance.
There were women upon the stage whose faces might have borne comparison with hers, but there was not one who in a room would not have sunk into insignificance by her side.
Your memory does me more honour than my insignificance deserves.