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fade into insignificance

To begin to seem unimportant when compared to something else. My good grades faded into insignificance once my sister got home with news that she would be the lead in the school play.
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pale into insignificance

To diminish or lessen in significance, importance, impact, or value, especially over time or compared to something else. The horrible tensions and violence that used to grip this city have started to pale into insignificance as we continue this period of peace and prosperity. I've found a bit of success with my work, but it pales into insignificance compared to the works of the writers who inspired me.
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pale into insignificance

lose importance or value.
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In fact, I suggest that readers take Slowness, Identity, Ignorance, and The Festival of Insignificance as parts of one longer narrative that is decidedly French or, more accurately, explores the condition of the exile in France.
The Festival of Insignificance offers both a continuation of Kundera's signature investigations and a reaction to the toxicity of the present day.
But I doubt there will be anything dignified about Cameron's slide towards insignificance, while playing the Thatcher card is a high-risk strategy.
The Prince said: "As important and concerning as the global financial crisis is, its challenges and consequences will pale into insignificance when compared with the scale and extent of human misery and suffering, social and economic if our actions to tackle climate change are too little or too late.
however in certain cases and for a faster litigation process the public prosecution drops a case due to insignificance and deports the suspect.
A dozen red roses and going down on one knee, pales into insignificance when you could pour your heart out via Garth Crooks in the tunnel of a football stadium.
If wiser counsels do not prevail, Darfur and Ethiopia will pale into insignificance in comparison to the starvation of the Palestinian people in the biblical land of milk and honey that was promised to the children of Abraham.
They all pale into insignificance, however, beside an extended Don't Fear The Reaper, the anthem that became a classic.
The large peat bogs around the world produce massive amounts of carbon dioxide and simply dwarf any savings that humans could make into insignificance.
At the Whitechapel, looping around existentialism's givens, the artist extends the tentative hope that through a concerted rapprochement with insignificance, such a sensation may be possible--however fleeting--in life.
The problem with this solution to an overbearing monotheism is that when we finally "muster up the guts to deny the existence of God," we're left with the "depressing realization" of our purposelessness and insignificance.
Keene successfully challenges the facile conventional wisdom of many American historians that the war was an event of relative insignificance, especially when compared to the Civil War that preceded it and the Second World War that followed it.
But these isolated examples pale into insignificance when you look at the central Manchurian rustbelt town of Harbin.
Handguns, for example, pale into insignificance when compared to the societal, psychological and physical damage Best's Review's many sources indicate is caused by insurance.