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fade into insignificance

To begin to seem unimportant when compared to something else. My good grades faded into insignificance once my sister got home with news that she would be the lead in the school play.
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pale into insignificance

To diminish or lessen in significance, importance, impact, or value, especially over time or compared to something else. The horrible tensions and violence that used to grip this city have started to pale into insignificance as we continue this period of peace and prosperity. I've found a bit of success with my work, but it pales into insignificance compared to the works of the writers who inspired me.
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pale into insignificance

lose importance or value.
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These figures, however, pale into insignificance when compared with the rest of Europe, were only 43 per cent of dealerships said they are year 2000 compliant.
Their banality, their insignificance, their very origin (the artist's childhood in Bottrop, a coal-mining town in Germany) should leave us cold, instead, they do not cease to intrigue us.
And her companion might have worried he would pale into insignificance next to the glamorous ex-Baywatch star.
Sam's enthusiasm is timely, as he is directing the current Playhouse show - Insignificance, about a supposed meeting between film star Marilyn Monroe, scientist Albert Einstein, Communist witch-hunt boss Senator Joe McCarthy and baseball player Joe DiMaggio.
However, all that paled into insignificance whenwe went back to our room after breakfast to collect our luggage.
However, these sums pale into comparative insignificance when compared to the daily net cost of UK membership of the European Union, variously estimated at between pounds 25m and pounds 43m!
And while victory on Centre Court will guarantee him the winner's pounds 500,000 cheque, that figure will pale into insignificance compared to the windfall on offer from his four main sponsors.
Believe me, the discomfort those remarks may have caused pale into insignificance compared to the cruelty inflicted on the princess by whoever persuaded her that letting this swarm of butterflies settle on her head was a good idea.
Weak in comparison to their other pop triumphs, Who's David pales into insignificance and doesn't even come close to championing their irresistible pop appeal.
Moreover,it could be argued that Kilroy's comments pale into insignificance when compared to the character assassination of our nation and the American nation by the Arab Al-Jazeeranews network before,during,and after, theIraqi conflict.
The handful of rainstorms we have had to endure pales into insignificance when compared to the scale of their woes on mainland Europe.
Professor Julian Peto, of the Institute of Cancer Research, said: "When an individual smokes, all other risk factors to their health pale into insignificance."
However, all would pale into insignificance if a corpse was discovered under the floorboards of the recently elected Prime Minister's house.
Yet all pale into insignificance with Prince Charles's (above) announcement that he's giving up playing polo.
A spokesman for ITV said: "The number of people interested in the Paraguay game pales into insignificance compared to the millions interested in England's tie."