inside track

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*inside track

Fig. an advantage (over someone) gained through special connections, special knowledge, or favoritism. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) If I could get the inside track, I could win the contract. The boss likes me. Since I've got the inside track, I'll probably be the new office manager.
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The article in Inside Track featured products like EzRemote which allows remote control of lights/fans or any other electrical devices without replacing existing switches.
He said yesterday: "It is the inside track we are using on Tuesday and I don't think there will be any problems.
Anthony McKay, COO of Inside Track Group said: "The lack of faith in private pension funds means that many people are looking to alternative ways to invest their money for their retirement - yet they lack the confidence and know-how to make informed decisions.
Property investment specialists The Inside Track Group's 'Investing In Your Future' study found that 20 per cent of people in the Midlands think they have already invested enough for their retirement.
This year Tedco has put 37 successful students through STEP, 12 of whom participated in the Inside Track programme.
During the second quarter of 2003, Plumtree will add additional Web seminars to the Inside Track series.
com/insidetrack, Inside Track offers Network General users the following:
Unfortunately, the adverse weather conditions through December delayed this work and it has not healed quickly enough to host the two midweek February meetings, which were both scheduled for the inside track.
com by Sonic Foundry's Media Services(TM) Division, Inside Track is a rock vault containing a large and exclusive library of interviews recorded with top musicians over the past 20 years.
The insight they share can give you leverage in future job negotiations as well as the inside track on breaking trends and issues.
Join the Inside Track, Network General's exclusive user community at www.
It was announced on Thursday that the December 2 meeting on the inside track will be moved to Navan on December 1 and that racing would not re-commence on it in the foreseeable future.
When wealthy benefactors buy you a fancy trip, they're expecting a little quid pro quo in the form of generous contracts, or at least the inside track on making their pitch.
Inside Track Survey Places the Company First Place Overall
Vincent Foundation will team up Tuesday, August 29, with fashion powerhouses InStyle magazine and Saks Fifth Avenue to provide a sold-out crowd the inside track on upcoming fashion trends at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.