inside track

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the inside track

An advantage over someone or something. I hope I have the inside track on the competition, thanks to my extensive student teaching experience.
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*inside track

Fig. an advantage (over someone) gained through special connections, special knowledge, or favoritism. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) If I could get the inside track, I could win the contract. The boss likes me. Since I've got the inside track, I'll probably be the new office manager.
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inside track, the

A position of special advantage. The term comes from racing, alluding to the inner or shorter track of a course, on which it is easier to win. It originated in America in the mid-nineteenth century. “It gave him the inside track, as the sporting men say, with reference to any rival” (Oliver Wendell Holmes, Guardian Angel, 1867).
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The inside track was developed for schooling races under Sheil's tenure six years ago before competitive action began, much to the approval of trainers and riders involved, and a trial day for the new chase track is planned before its opening.
The inside track will not be ideal for either and probably not for Brave Inca or Mac's Joy either.
The inside track at Leopardstown is quite tight and sharp, and certainly not to her advantage.
On any given story, he could call on sources within the police and those with an inside track from the Glasgow underworld Former Daily Record chief reporter Anna Smith said: "Stuart was from the old class of reporter, whose work was done on the doorsteps and in the smoky pubs of Glasgow.
Clerk of the course Lorcan Wyer said: "The inside track is good to yielding and is a little bit dead.
Southgate put money into Inside Track Productions which was designed to provide lucrative returns for investors.
But Southgate, 46, a member of Inside Track 1 LLP and Inside Track 3 LLP since 2004, has elected to wait until a final decision is made in the dispute between Ingenious and HMRC.
30pm Mr Khan wants to enrol baby Mohammad at a good school and tries to take the inside track by becoming a school crossing patrol officer.
com)-- Inside Track magazine has featured an article on BuildTrack smart automation products in its May 2014 issue.
with the winner getting the inside track in the race for the No.
No less futuristic and every bit as space age, it will form the hub for hundreds of journalists and broadcasters from right across the globe this weekend as they battle to beat each other to the exclusive story and the inside track on what's really going on at the Ryder Cup.
Inside Track Seminars, which boasts of creating hundreds of property millionaires through its training courses, said it had fallen victim to the credit crunch.
The Inside Track to Careers in Real Estate by Stan Ross (Urban Land Institute: $19.