inside track

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the inside track

An advantage over someone or something. I hope I have the inside track on the competition, thanks to my extensive student teaching experience.
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*inside track

Fig. an advantage (over someone) gained through special connections, special knowledge, or favoritism. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) If I could get the inside track, I could win the contract. The boss likes me. Since I've got the inside track, I'll probably be the new office manager.
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inside track, the

A position of special advantage. The term comes from racing, alluding to the inner or shorter track of a course, on which it is easier to win. It originated in America in the mid-nineteenth century. “It gave him the inside track, as the sporting men say, with reference to any rival” (Oliver Wendell Holmes, Guardian Angel, 1867).
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Film Council), Ingenious relented on the strength of advance interest from its investors in the second Inside Track prospectus, which is due to be launched this month.
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The insight they share can give you leverage in future job negotiations as well as the inside track on breaking trends and issues.
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Two of the finalists who went through from the Tedco heat, held in Jarrow, were from the new Inside Track scheme which pairs up a final-year business studies and design student and asks them to work together on the same project.
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Dublin playing on the same day is not ideal but I suppose if it was Meath playing the final it would be a lot worse as our director Noel Meade wouldn't be there!" Progress following the remedial work carried out on the inside track is "as good as we could hope for" according to Roe, who also revealed EasyFix hurdles are to be used at several meetings over the coming months.
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