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insert (something) between (something and something else)

to put something in between things. Insert this marker between pages ten and eleven. A marker was inserted between the pages.
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insert something in (to) something

to push or stick something into something. Insert the card into the slot and pull the lever. Insert the coins in the machine. I need to insert another paragraph into this article.
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All of the women completed an interview, watched a 10-minute video about the female condom and attended a 30-45-minute individual skills-based training session with a nurse that included practice inserting the condom in an anatomic model.
Before inserting the MicroWick, the ear must be anesthetized.
For publishers with manual inserting operations, Douglas Kirk devised a decidedly low-tech tool that relies on physical design rather than mechanical and electrical engineering,
Indeed, there is one group of researchers working on inserting foreign genes into a herpes simplex virus.
NAA studies reflect a direct relationship between the amazing growth in inserting and marketers' increasing reliance on targeting.
Production manager Mike Ide said that the Globe chose a separate Sunday inserting plant because it lacked space at the printing plants.