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insert (something) between (something and something else)

to put something in between things. Insert this marker between pages ten and eleven. A marker was inserted between the pages.
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insert something in (to) something

to push or stick something into something. Insert the card into the slot and pull the lever. Insert the coins in the machine. I need to insert another paragraph into this article.
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On the other hand, inserted parts can be completely enclosed in resin, which conventional parts cannot.
5), and those with no experience in using an inserted method had reduced odds (0.
3] The third route is through a microcatheter that has been inserted into the round window niche.
The lowest stack must remain higher than the tops of copies to be inserted.
In experiments aimed toward a veterinary vaccine against vesicular stomatitis, a contagious disease of horses, cattle and pigs, a gene from the disease-causing virus was inserted into vaccinia virus and used to protect cattle against infection.
Supplies threaded inserts for plastic fastening, including products that can be molded-in, pressed-in, or inserted by ultrasonic or thermal methods.
FMC's Insert Management System will provide electronic control from the itme insert stacks arrive at the plant until they are inserted in the newspaper, Voshell said.
Labels are inserted into the empty cavities while the tool remains tilted.