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insert (something) between (something and something else)

to put something in between things. Insert this marker between pages ten and eleven. A marker was inserted between the pages.
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insert something in (to) something

to push or stick something into something. Insert the card into the slot and pull the lever. Insert the coins in the machine. I need to insert another paragraph into this article.
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He was considering whether it was at all possible to insert any novel sentences to the same purpose, when the gentleman who had spoken first, turning to him of the long wind, exclaimed, 'What say you, Gashford?
blowed,' or to insert his head in a sack, or replying with some other neatly-turned witticism of a similar kind, the happy application of which, excited considerable admiration in the mind of Mr.
In Comedy this is already apparent: for here the poet first constructs the plot on the lines of probability, and then inserts characteristic names;--unlike the lampooners who write about particular individuals.
This improved Infant Insert design is tailored to meet baby's needs, offering an easy-to-use, adjustable, and comfortable option to carry baby from early on.
This process eliminates the need to do several re-cuts of the permanent insert before arriving at the target layer profile.
This process eliminates the need to do several 're-cuts' of the permanent insert before arriving at the target layer profile.
Dear INSERT NAME, Thank you so much for taking the trouble to write to us here at INSERT TITLE," I began.
And because each insert is integral to the finished part, there are no fasteners that can loosen or go out of alignment.
The SNHQ line is made up of robust inserts that are free cutting and are less prone to tool chatter.
From the bottom of the carriage, insert the screw into the tapped hole to the rear of the pintle.
To turn on the feature, go to the toolbar and click on Insert, Auto Text and Auto Text again and put a check next to Show AutoComplete suggestions.
The Eazi-Breed CIDR (pronounced "seeder") Cattle Insert is a T-shaped silicone device that is impregnated with progesterone.
Furthermore, the researchers conclude that women who refuse to insert the female condom and those who initially have difficulty with insertion "have different programmatic needs.