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insert (something) between (something and something else)

to put something in between things. Insert this marker between pages ten and eleven. A marker was inserted between the pages.
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insert something in (to) something

to push or stick something into something. Insert the card into the slot and pull the lever. Insert the coins in the machine. I need to insert another paragraph into this article.
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The system is safer than classic insert tools and provides a constant diameter after sharpening, according to the company.
Promoting his Insert Buddy as a time saver, Kirk -- president of Morton Falls Publishing Co.
Insert type, design, and quality of insert features.
Seco Tools introduced a line of lay-down threading tools that change the way the insert registers.
Investigators then tested a cutting tool insert at the [V.
If you find any of these problems, the insert is unserviceable.
Since 1992, the volume of targeted, or part-run, inserting in America's newspapers has grown 66%, while full-run insert volume has declined 6%.
Helping increase productivity while holding down resharpening costs has helped carbide insert tooling become more attractive to woodworking tool buyers.
Brass threaded inserts are a favourite for use throughout industry where they can provide a quick thread just by drilling or moulding a pilot hole and pressing the insert into place.
Insert over-molding or metal over-molding can reduce the labor and assembly costs in plastic part manufacturing, while improving a product's strength and wear resistance as well.
The primary source of drug information is a Package Insert.
But the tuning inserts now let processors keep their lines running at the target profile until a matching permanent insert can be built.
In feedblocks such as the Ultraf low I, a specially machined flow insert yields a target cross-direction thickness profile for each layer and any job change involving significantly different layer ratios or polymer flow properties makes it necessary to design and machine different inserts.