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have one's name inscribed in the book of life

Euph. to die. He was a beloved father, brother, and friend, and he has his name inscribed in the book of life. By the time she was twenty, her parents, brothers, and sister had all had their names inscribed in the book of life.
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inscribe something into something

to write or engrave a dedication on a gift to someone. (Emphasis is on the act of inscribing.) It was a lovely watch. I asked them to inscribe something into the back, so I could remember the occasion. My initials were inscribed into the wristband.
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inscribe something on(to) something

to write or engrave certain information on something. (Emphasis is on the message that is inscribed.) The jeweler inscribed Amy's good wishes onto the watch. I inscribed my name on my tools.
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inscribe something with something

to engrave something with a message. Could you please inscribe this trophy with the information on this sheet of paper? I inscribed the bracelet with her name.
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Inscribing the Hundred Years' War in French and English Cultural Studies, ed.
For Foucault, state torture similarly forms part of a more precise ritual that serves as a sign of power: Torture intends to "brand the victim with infamy," inscribing scars on the body as signs that cannot be effaced, so that "men will remember public exhibition .
Ishihara headed the prefectural government committee charged with establishing the memorial and deciding criteria for inscribing names of those who died during the conflict.
Inscribing the Time is rewarding for its fresh insights into the creational environments of the plays and the complexity of intra-cultural forces at work on the Elizabethan playwright.
The Cartier Message Bracelet, Lange says, offers smooth, round, flat mini-surfaces on both sides which are perfect for inscribing the sweetest of messages.
The consent judgment, which was issued on August 16, 2001 by the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, requires that Pacific cease making, using, distributing, selling, or offering for sale, the laser inscribing services and equipment it has provided in the past, and any other services or equipment which infringe LKI's patents.