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have one's name inscribed in the book of life

Euph. to die. He was a beloved father, brother, and friend, and he has his name inscribed in the book of life. By the time she was twenty, her parents, brothers, and sister had all had their names inscribed in the book of life.
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inscribe something into something

to write or engrave a dedication on a gift to someone. (Emphasis is on the act of inscribing.) It was a lovely watch. I asked them to inscribe something into the back, so I could remember the occasion. My initials were inscribed into the wristband.
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inscribe something on(to) something

to write or engrave certain information on something. (Emphasis is on the message that is inscribed.) The jeweler inscribed Amy's good wishes onto the watch. I inscribed my name on my tools.
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inscribe something with something

to engrave something with a message. Could you please inscribe this trophy with the information on this sheet of paper? I inscribed the bracelet with her name.
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While we reconcile ourselves to the fact that the preponderance of writings on South Asian Muslims focus on Pakistan, northwestern India, and Bangladesh, Inscribing South Asian Muslim Women reminds us of the need for future efforts, bibliographic and otherwise, to reflect more fully the complicated regional and linguistic realities of South Asian women's lives.
The focus on the issue of how many hands were involved in inscribing the entries has diverted attention from the larger question of the time frame involved.
Given the observations of two eminent epigraphers regarding the lettering, however, the possibility remains open of a passage in time between the inscribing of different groups of entries on the left lateral face, especially between those above line 111 and those below.
One problem remains, however, and that is the date of the inscribing of this new group.
and foreign patents directed to laser inscribing logos, letters and numbers on the surface of a diamond or other gemstones.
ISLAMABAD, March 12, 2011 (Balochistan Times): Pakistans proposals for inscribing adverse effects of chemicals in various imported items is reviewed at international forum to prevent end users and manufactures.
By framing such questions as dependent on distinctions between artifice and the real (distinctions on which she has long staged her investigations), and by inscribing them within the pornographic, Sherman integrates female identity, representation, contamination, and taboo.