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have one's name inscribed in the book of life

Euph. to die. He was a beloved father, brother, and friend, and he has his name inscribed in the book of life. By the time she was twenty, her parents, brothers, and sister had all had their names inscribed in the book of life.
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inscribe something into something

to write or engrave a dedication on a gift to someone. (Emphasis is on the act of inscribing.) It was a lovely watch. I asked them to inscribe something into the back, so I could remember the occasion. My initials were inscribed into the wristband.
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inscribe something on(to) something

to write or engrave certain information on something. (Emphasis is on the message that is inscribed.) The jeweler inscribed Amy's good wishes onto the watch. I inscribed my name on my tools.
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inscribe something with something

to engrave something with a message. Could you please inscribe this trophy with the information on this sheet of paper? I inscribed the bracelet with her name.
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Creates broadcast-quality content for DV, DVD and Internet and allows for unlimited layers through seamless integration with BorixFX - Software includes iFinish 4, Inscriber Titlemotion, Cleaner 5, Boris FX, VideoSpiceRack Pro - CPU: Compaq AP550 - OS: Windows 2000 Professional - Options include DV, RealTimeFX Option, SDI Option
Included in cash and cash equivalents is $1,650 of cash held in escrow pending the release of seller representations and warranties included in the Inscriber acquisition.
With over fifteen years of experience, Forefront has garnered exclusive distribution/integration responsibilities for such manufacturers as Discreet Logic, IBM, Compaq, Inscriber, Matrox, Insync, Incite, and many other digital video/graphic products.
and Inscriber Technology Corporation during the first quarter and third quarter respectively.
DigiSuite DTV includes a software suite for complete digital media creation -- Adobe Premiere RT, Inscriber CG, Boris Effects 3D DVE and Sonic DVDit
Inscriber Inca RTX's flexibility is the choice for displaying live sports and breaking news
Recognizing a strong platform with limitless potential, third party developers such as Peak Systems, Nexus ASA Group's NewsMaker subsidiary, Integrated Computing Engines, Inscriber Technology and Video Design Software have rallied behind Duet by introducing sophisticated applications that exploit Duet's unique capabilities.
com Strengthens Leadership Position in Speech Technology Industry with Record Growth in 2004 PHTH016 01/20/2005 08:38 r f bc-CA-Portola-Plaza-web (MONTEREY) Premier Monterey Hotel Launches Industry Leading Website TO274 01/20/2005 08:39 r f bc-BSkyB-buys-Inca-RTXs (WATERLOO) British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB) Purchases 12 Inscriber Inca RTX(TM) Systems SFTH057 01/20/2005 08:45 r f bc-OR-Onlineauction-Pave (GRANTS PASS) Has eBay Finally Gone Too Far?
The Matrox bundle also includes Adobe Premiere RT for real-time editing, Inscriber CG for broadcast titling, and Boris FX for 3D digital video effects.
Leitch Technology Corporation (TSX:LTV), a leading supplier of high-performance video systems for the professional television industry, announced today it has completed the acquisition of Inscriber Technology Corporation, a privately held video software company based in Waterloo, Ontario.
software from third party sparks plug-in developer Artel Software with its Boris FX 3D DVE; and Inscriber Technology CG Feature/Motion Pac.
6 per cent of the Season, the inscriber need look no further.
Does not the second "catination" retroactively produce a chain of articulation through self-quotation and thereby elevate the inscriber to the level of a master text?
The orders at Turkmenistan TV consist of some of the latest Harris products from the Workflow, Infrastructure & Networking (WIN) family of products including the latest offering from the NEXIO AMP servers, NEXIO Farad(TM) high-performance online storage, Platinum(TM) routers, Inscriber G7(TM) integrated HD/SD broadcast graphics system, playout automation system with integrated Invenio asset management, the HView(TM) SX Hybrid multiviewers, Videotek test and measurement devices, a wealth of signal processing, distribution and conversion products as well as Intraplex multiplexer solutions and PR&E audio consoles for their radio broadcast facility.