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inscribe into (something)

To etch or engrave something into something else. A noun or pronoun can be used between "inscribe" and "into." I got my initials inscribed into my class ring—did you?
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inscribe on(to) (something)

To etch or inscribe something on something else. A noun or pronoun can be used between "inscribe" and "on(to)." I got my initials inscribed on my class ring—did you?
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inscribe with (something)

To etch or inscribe something onto something else. A noun or pronoun can be used between "inscribe" and "with." I got my class ring inscribed with my initials —did you?
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have one's name inscribed in the book of life

Euph. to die. He was a beloved father, brother, and friend, and he has his name inscribed in the book of life. By the time she was twenty, her parents, brothers, and sister had all had their names inscribed in the book of life.
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inscribe something into something

to write or engrave a dedication on a gift to someone. (Emphasis is on the act of inscribing.) It was a lovely watch. I asked them to inscribe something into the back, so I could remember the occasion. My initials were inscribed into the wristband.
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inscribe something on(to) something

to write or engrave certain information on something. (Emphasis is on the message that is inscribed.) The jeweler inscribed Amy's good wishes onto the watch. I inscribed my name on my tools.
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inscribe something with something

to engrave something with a message. Could you please inscribe this trophy with the information on this sheet of paper? I inscribed the bracelet with her name.
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"The fact that it is now available in a pre-configured high-performance Compaq Workstation, with the addition of Inscriber realtime titling and Boris FX 3D DVE at no extra charge, makes it a truly remarkable value."
CTV, the leading broadcaster in the consortium, is currently using a highly efficient and cost-effective workflow for local and national news built upon the Nexio AMP and NewsForce platforms, Inscriber G7 graphics and the Inscriber Connectus centralised graphics management system.
Their position as inscribers of holy texts, especially the Qur'an, became secondary and their art lost much of its popularity and value.
At the same time, he noted that the possibility of the complete seal (including the damaged areas) containing the article or the ancient inscribers deciding to omit the vital detail altogether, cannot be ruled out.
For most of us, the letters and numbers appear jumbled or coded, but Roman inscribers actually adhered to standardized abbreviations and grammatical rules easily understood by illiterate and scholarly Romans alike.
Among the topics are local and religious identity in Swedish popular hymn singing during the 17th and 18th centuries, Guilielmus Bolognino's Den Gheestelijcken Leeuwercker: the collected songs of a counter-reformation champion, the many shades of love: possessors and inscribers of 16th-century women's alba, the perils of performance: from political songs to national airs in Romantic-era Wales 1790-1820, and slave orchestras and rainbow balls: colonial culture and creolization at the Cape of Good Hope 1750-1838.
That interface is relevant as the Indigenous women writers are self-designated analysts of their own lives, inscribers, and protagonists.
In Hua jue Xiang mosque Xi'an, the proclaimed oldest Chinese mosque, there stands a stone stele (5) with an ancient inscription bearing the Chinese names of the inscribers written in Arabic script which could be taken as the earliest relic preserving the record of Xiaojing.
Sanford's project, which considers the work of decidedly non-aristocratic inscribers of the city like Isabella Whitney and Ben Jonson, more closely supports my assertion here that members of the middling sort could remap the city for their own purposes.
In this case the allegory of eternity functions as the album's "title" and suggests the purpose of the album as a symbolic vehicle for committing the albums' content to eternity and, by extension, the thoughts, inscriptions, and emotions of the inscribers to a form of immortality.
Jones never threatened to trouble the inscribers and was soon on the No.559 home after his resounding 16-6 defeat by Wade in the semi-finals.
Damascus, (SANA)-In the framework of Damascus Governorate's plan for renovating the old city of Damascus, the governorate will conduct a study with a value of SP 400 millions/ USD 9 millions/to provide al-Naqashat (inscribers) and al-Fananin (the artists) alleys with the required infrastructures.
Breasts, Bodies, Canvas moves from the logos of inscription to the inscribed surface, from the surface of the land to that of the body and from the inscribers of the Dreamtime who imprinted and marked Country, to the women who, to use Biddle's words, 're-member' that same land.
These particular examples also suggest a disjuncture between inscribers of oral traditions and literary creators.