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have one's name inscribed in the book of life

Euph. to die. He was a beloved father, brother, and friend, and he has his name inscribed in the book of life. By the time she was twenty, her parents, brothers, and sister had all had their names inscribed in the book of life.
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inscribe something into something

to write or engrave a dedication on a gift to someone. (Emphasis is on the act of inscribing.) It was a lovely watch. I asked them to inscribe something into the back, so I could remember the occasion. My initials were inscribed into the wristband.
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inscribe something on(to) something

to write or engrave certain information on something. (Emphasis is on the message that is inscribed.) The jeweler inscribed Amy's good wishes onto the watch. I inscribed my name on my tools.
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inscribe something with something

to engrave something with a message. Could you please inscribe this trophy with the information on this sheet of paper? I inscribed the bracelet with her name.
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The new partnership with INscribe Digital - a digital publishing services provider of global eBook distribution, content conversion and marketing services to the publishing community - will help the 3M Cloud Library system dramatically expand its offerings with emerging publishers.
Hamilton weaves into this "universal" situation a richly textured picture of African voices, traditions, values, beliefs, idioms, concerns, people, and stories that helps to inscribe the reader (of whatever ethnicity) into her own particular parallel culture - that of the Midwestern, rural African American.
InScribe selected TrueType(R) fonts from Agfa Monotype's vast type library that includes such world-renowned collections as the Monotype Classics(TM), ITC Fonts(TM) and Creative Alliance(R) Exclusives.
O InScribe Messaging Server da Critical Path nos deu a escalabilidade e a robustez para fornecermos a nossos clientes um servico de troca de mensagens mais confiavel e de melhor desempenho," disse Marcio Leibovitch, coordenador de projetos da Globo.
Criado para fornecer velocidade, confiabilidade e seguranca, o InScribe Messaging Server e a solucao de intercambio de mensagens interna mais escalonavel e robusta do setor.
Net, Critical Path's InScribe Messaging Server is the most reliable and scalable messaging solution currently available, and provides virtually instantaneous messaging performance to over four million ZipMail accounts.
Critical Path also announced that The Tec of Monterrey, a private University in Mexico, has selected its InScribe Messaging Server on AIX as the foundation for its internal messaging system.
Critical Path's InScribe Secure File Services allow users to securely send, store, access and collaborate on files and documents anytime, anywhere and on any device through a standard Web browser.
Critical Path's InScribe Email Messaging and InSchedule Calendaring solutions provide companies like Money.
InScribe Technologies, the leading Internet solutions provider for new and established businesses facing fundamental and transformational challenges on the Internet, announced today the additions of Kiran Shah as Vice President, Professional Services and Kevin Keane as Vice President, Staffing.
With an ad infinitum and at times vertiginous effect, expanding and then speeding up the pace of our perception, Toderi seems to suspend time, almost annulling it, and she inscribes the history of the city in an eternal moment.
Rather than engraving the information, the system uses what the company has named its "Color Laser Film," which is said to have a patented structure such that an Nd:YAG laser inscribes the required information onto the material in such a way that it is actually under a protective laminate surface.
STUDIO CITY - In the months leading up to the Jewish High Holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, observant Jews question whether God inscribes their names in the ``book of life'' for the coming year.