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drive (one) insane

To annoy or frustrate one to the point of exasperation. The kids were driving me insane, so I made them go outside and play.
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drive someone crazy

 and drive someone insane; drive someone mad 
1. . Lit. to force someone into a state of insanity or mental instability. The sound of the wind howling drove me crazy. The dog's constant barking drove me insane.
2. Fig. to annoy or irritate someone. This itch is driving me crazy. All these telephone calls are driving me mad.
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drive somebody inˈsane

make somebody more and more angry or irritated, especially over a long period of time: This job is driving me insane.
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Speaking at a media conference in London, Mr O'Leary said: "This is an insanely stupid tax and will destroy tourism.
Whatever the next insanely great thing to replace TPB-as-it-once-was might be, the people behind it appear to be upping the game; along with their, almost ready, IPREDator anonymizer service (, they are shifting their focus to European politics with the We Rebuild EU ( project.
To see Sam Weber and Jason Samuels Smith, two of the most skilled tap virtuosos alive, don feathered headdresses to power through the insanely complex footwork of the Condos Brothers' War Dance for Wooden Indians is a rare thrill.
It's gigantic and insanely complex, and it gets worse all the time.
Insanely, the Thames drained (no word on the North Sea).
"I've gone from being kind of busy to being insanely busy," says Holland, with a laugh.
The dogs are two of a handful of pets that add spice and chaos to the company's open-floor DUMBO headquarters, a place Krasnow, a native of the Lower East Side, describes as "insanely loud."
The insanely harsh sentence given to small-time marijuana dealer Weldon Angelos ("The Dope Dealer Who Got 55 Years," by Sasha Abramsky, June issue) is simply an extreme manifestation of a policy that long ago lost all connection with reality.
But Guys and Balls is so insanely predictable-and its gay sensibility is such a throwback to at least 20 years ago--that it's mostly a cringe-worthy experience.
That populism and elitism are not mutually exclusive was demonstrated in an exemplary manner by Fortuyn, who was not only openly gay but also insanely posh, a member of the privileged class.
If you want to learn more about computer history, don't miss Andy Hertzfeld's excellent Revolution In The Valley: The Insanely Great Story Of How The Mac Was Made (0596007191, $24.95): the development of Macintosh is followed from its inception as an underground research project in 1979 to its introduction in the 1980s.
"Thanks for your note, but it made me insanely jealous.
Through the '70s and the "80s the "order" reflected in his insanely elaborated conspiracy theories won Thornley's heart away from the chaos of Eris, and also lost him most of his old friends.
With that in mind, we take you to Hokkaido for some gorgeous scenery and a gung-ho adventurer; to Seoul for that nation's biggest and most advanced IT exhibition ever; and, somewhat insanely, down to Kyoto, the only place hotter than Tokyo in July, to meet some very special cabbies.