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drive (one) insane

To annoy or frustrate one to the point of exasperation. The kids were driving me insane, so I made them go outside and play.
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drive someone crazy

 and drive someone insane; drive someone mad 
1. . Lit. to force someone into a state of insanity or mental instability. The sound of the wind howling drove me crazy. The dog's constant barking drove me insane.
2. Fig. to annoy or irritate someone. This itch is driving me crazy. All these telephone calls are driving me mad.
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drive somebody inˈsane

make somebody more and more angry or irritated, especially over a long period of time: This job is driving me insane.
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This is a great way for the members of Airdrie Insane dance group to learn valuable skills and explore their creativity - the nurturing talent fund has already supported young people in achieving dreams.
Insane Realm Radio is an online radio station established in December 2011, whose main focus is the promotion of independent music.
Testamentary capacity precedes an analysis of either undue influence or insane delusions; it considers whether the individual had the capacity to understand the nature and extent of his property, to know the natural objects of his bounty, and to form an intent regarding the disposition of his property at death.
The Summer Street Asylum for the Chronic Insane was demolished in 1960, eventually making way for this modern building.
The Insane Champion Wrestlers hit TV screens earlier this year with their new subculture that is taking over the streets of Glasgow, their very own fight club.
For the shocking characterization of early insane asylums and compelling connection between Izzy and Clara, this novel would be a valuable addition to most school and public libraries.
But the jury at Perth Sheriff Court formally acquitted him after hearing evidence that he had no idea what he was doing because he was insane at the time.
Reacting to Verma's comment, SP leader Kamal Farooqi called him insane and said he does not know how to behave.
Insane City revisits Barry's beloved--and irredeemably warped--Miami.
If the United States, after Obama's re-election, can rightly be called an air-conditioned insane asylum, then Illinois is the ward for the criminally insane.
Insane to think teachers should be armed and insanity itself to try to explain the killer's motives.
ANDERS Behring Breivik's defence lawyers say the mass killer will not appeal if he is sentenced to prison but he will challenge any ruling that declares him insane.
Prosecutors asked an Oslo court on Thursday to declare Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik insane.
Summary: Norwegian mass-murderer Anders Breivik is not criminally insane and is fit to stand trial next week, a fresh psychiatric report has ruled.