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make inroads (in/into something)

To successfully advance into or encroach upon some new area. A: "How's the research going?" B: "We've made inroads, but there's still a long way to go until a treatment is ready." Our product is finally starting to make inroads into the Chinese market. I was just starting to make inroads in the conversation with him when the party started winding down.
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1. A successful advance into or encroachment upon some new area. A: "How's the research going?" B: "We've made inroads, but there's still a long way to go until a treatment is ready."
2. A decrease or reduction, often caused by something unwelcome. I can't begin to tell you the inroads that this project has made on my time—I can't get anything else done!

make inroads into something

Fig. to succeed in getting something done or at least started. George was unable to make inroads into solving the problem. We are making no inroads into the high-priority project.
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make inroads into

Encroach on, advance at another's expense, as in The Japanese rapidly made inroads into the computer-chip market. The noun inroad originally meant "an invasion." [Late 1600s]
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make inroads in/into something

1 reduce the amount of something: Repairs to the house had made deep inroads into their savings.
2 advance successfully into a new area: Doctors are making great inroads in the fight against cancer.Their products are already making inroads in these new markets.
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Jeffrey Oberman, Inroads' media commentator, writes that our government-protected cultural industry cannot compete with digital streaming networks that host programs made in Denmark or Delhi, filmed in Brazil or Botswana.
She will serve on INROADS' National Board of Directors for a three-year board term, working with the board member team to advance the organization's mission to support and develop talented, diverse youth across the nation.
FSI includes interactive training sessions as well as a face-to-face conference for students, with access to coaching, training and mentoring by INROADS partners and alumni.
He warned the government to realise that inroads in Pakistani markets by foreign brands through illegal channels would encourage them to increase this activity which is getting out of control, especially since no authority is even bothered to check the quality of imports as is done on our exports going to India, Sri Lanka and African countries.
" We are there in UP, MP or Rajasthan but these states along Coromandel are where we still have to make inroads. So we are doing it.
"I look forward to sharing this imperative message with Inroads so we can assist students, who are about to enter the market, learn the value of confidence."
On the 4th, Mars begins to warm your work sky and you can make some great inroads at work this month.
GREAT the huge GREAT inroads are being made on the huge amount of work needed to refurbish Kirkheaton Parish Church.
Too small and technically too wobbly to make many commercial inroads, the film should nonetheless parlay its Locarno preem to further lest inroads.
| WASHINGTON, July 17 (KUNA) -- The United States said on Tuesday that the Syrian opposition is making inroads and noted that there are increasing defections in the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad.
Although often viewed as dorm-room cuisine, ramen noodles, likely due to their inexpensiveness, convenience and tastiness, have been making major inroads as an easy meal (or meal component) for timestarved families with children at home.
Capuano said he is hoping his background leading Somerville, where he was mayor for nine years, will help him make inroads outside of Boston.
But Raleigh Quay (11-4) gradually made inroads before going on to score by half a length.
Summary: Jenson Button is fully expecting his rivals to make inroads into Brawn GP's early season advantage.
Thirdly, although it is common that Japanese companies make inroads into foreign markets, and foreign companies make inroads into Japanese markets, nationalism has become more intense in Japan.