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make inroads (in/into something)

To successfully advance into or encroach upon some new area. A: "How's the research going?" B: "We've made inroads, but there's still a long way to go until a treatment is ready." Our product is finally starting to make inroads into the Chinese market. I was just starting to make inroads in the conversation with him when the party started winding down.
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1. A successful advance into or encroachment upon some new area. A: "How's the research going?" B: "We've made inroads, but there's still a long way to go until a treatment is ready."
2. A decrease or reduction, often caused by something unwelcome. I can't begin to tell you the inroads that this project has made on my time—I can't get anything else done!

make inroads into something

Fig. to succeed in getting something done or at least started. George was unable to make inroads into solving the problem. We are making no inroads into the high-priority project.
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make inroads into

Encroach on, advance at another's expense, as in The Japanese rapidly made inroads into the computer-chip market. The noun inroad originally meant "an invasion." [Late 1600s]
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make inroads in/into something

1 reduce the amount of something: Repairs to the house had made deep inroads into their savings.
2 advance successfully into a new area: Doctors are making great inroads in the fight against cancer.Their products are already making inroads in these new markets.
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With agency inputs BJP wants to target the states lining the Coromandel coast, regions where the party has failed to make inroads so far
The central bank of Kenya has in a report said that it made significant inroads into preventing money laundering activities in 2012.
ANNIVERSARY: Inroads worker Emma Thomas (front) celebrates 10 years of the Huddersfield town centre organisation with staff and clients (JH080408Jinroads)
Inroads is a non-profit organization that trains and develops talented minority youth for careers in business and industry.
Inroads made by ``Gasolina'' broke down the door for Spanish-language pop on Englishlanguage Top 40 radio, KIIS-FM's Pilat said.
Moon has used the faith-based initiative to build support in the African-American community and lure pastors into conservative politics, and this grant may give him further inroads there.
If we are to prevent these views from making great inroads into the Church, we would do well to attend not so much to what the apologists for homosexuality have decided is the new orthodoxy but how they have managed to pull off such a stunning heist of apostolic Christianity.
The left made more inroads into Latin America" with the election of Tabare Varquez to serve as president of Uruguay, reported the AP on November 1.
The company taps into a wide range of sources to attract and recruit its diverse workforce including organizations such as INROADS that identify talented students and professional organizations and interest groups such as the National Black NBA Association, the National Society of Hispanic MBAs and the Society of Women Engineers.
He says the initial nylon truck sump fails within the 20% non-structural market sector where thermoplastics are most likely to make early inroads.
marking further inroads by a western insurer into the burgeoning Chinese market.
Architects and builders are increasingly using metal roofing in commercial and institutional buildings, and some inroads are even being made on the residential front, according to representatives from Berridge Manufacturing Co.
Rich, influential, eccentric and making inroads into the life of each character in the plot.
The outbound call centre for Canadian cable companies seeks to make inroads in the U.