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make inroads into something

Fig. to succeed in getting something done or at least started. George was unable to make inroads into solving the problem. We are making no inroads into the high-priority project.
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make inroads into

Encroach on, advance at another's expense, as in The Japanese rapidly made inroads into the computer-chip market. The noun inroad originally meant "an invasion." [Late 1600s]
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make inroads in/into something

1 reduce the amount of something: Repairs to the house had made deep inroads into their savings.
2 advance successfully into a new area: Doctors are making great inroads in the fight against cancer.Their products are already making inroads in these new markets.
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But the US pageant scene - in which little girls dress as glam adults - is now making inroads here.
This is Albany's first inroad into the Asian semiconductor market for this product.
22, 2015 Manufactured exclusively for Bachmann Trains by InRoad Toys, Bachmann's new Thomas & Friends(TM) Track PlayTape [sup.
Proactive and progressive companies build a natural ecosystem of talent to fill their workplace needs for the future," said Forest Harper, President and CEO of INROADS, Inc.
Description: The purpose of INROADS is to promote innovation to improve patient outcomes in support of the NSP.
Global Banking News-May 17, 2013--Central bank of Kenya says it made inroads into preventing money laundering(C)2013 ENPublishing - http://www.
We bring some of these ideas and arguments together in this issue of Inroads.
Inroads, on Market Street in Huddersfield town centre, works with people aged 16 to 30.
The Dial Corporation was awarded Company of the Year by Inroads at the organization's 19th annual awards banquet.
The victory of the Holy League secured Christian Europe, at least for a while, from further inroads by the 'religion of peace'.
He just needs to sort out the other side of his life - and is making big inroads on doing that.
The highly danceable music, which resembles an electronic offspring of polka, first grabbed hold in Puerto Rico before making inroads in major Latino markets in Miami, Los Angeles and New York.
Moon has used the faith-based initiative to build support in the African-American community and lure pastors into conservative politics, and this grant may give him further inroads there.
If we are to prevent these views from making great inroads into the Church, we would do well to attend not so much to what the apologists for homosexuality have decided is the new orthodoxy but how they have managed to pull off such a stunning heist of apostolic Christianity.
The left made more inroads into Latin America" with the election of Tabare Varquez to serve as president of Uruguay, reported the AP on November 1.