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"Can domesticated animals protest against us in any other way than by diseases (swine fever, mad-cow disease, cardiac infarct)?" inquire the artists.
Held last fall in Tempe, the meeting sought to attract "Anyone who is interested in or must address literacy issues within an organization." One goal: "Identify literacy skill deficiencies." I did not attend, but I hope those who did had the curiosity to inquire, as Snow and I do, "Excuse us, but just what is 'up-skilling'?"
Rest of the officials found guilty during inquires were associated with different departments including Education, Sindh Board of Revenue, Agriculture Department, Department of Irrigation and Department of Labour.
Sources said the meeting also decided to reopen the cases for inquires of over 150 officials.
Sources pointed out that most of the inquires against officials of the Sindh Board of Revenue had been launched.
Inquire allows on-the-spot, real-time communication, documentation, collaboration and evaluation, resulting in a seamless workflow and increased productivity.
Remote based management log in software combined with the Inquire App proves the perfect combination."
One being Inquire MD and the other being Inquire IQ3.
The Inquire MD software allows users to create, record and, manage medical events from any internet connection.