inquire about (someone or something)

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inquire about (someone or something)

To ask or try to learn more about someone or something. The alternative spelling, "enquire," is more common in British English. Primarily heard in US. Mother, if Gerald inquires about you, what should I tell him? I'm inquiring about that bill right now.
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inquire about someone or something

to ask about someone or something. I inquired about Tom and was told that he doesn't live here anymore. You will have to inquire about that at the front desk.
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inquire about

To seek information about something or someone: I went to the store and inquired about available jobs.
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"For example, when officers see an elderly person with a bruise or laceration and inquire about it, her family members might say, 'Oh, Mom fell out of bed.' We urge them to ask more specific questions, such as 'How did she fall?' and 'Could you demonstrate?"' The police are also supplied with "palm cards"--small printed cards containing phone numbers for referring people to organizations that can provide additional assistance.
The revenue officer threatened, "If you don't pay your tax bill by lunch, don't bother putting the soup up for dinner, because I'll levy you and shut you down." Being new to the IRS's Office of Chief Counsel, and not having had much experience in the collection area, I didn't give much thought to the story or inquire about its veracity.