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inoculate (someone) with (something)

To vaccinate someone so that they become immune to a particular disease (named after "with"). The kids have been inoculated against measles, mumps, and rubella with the MMR vaccine.
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inoculate against (something)

To vaccinate someone so that they become immune to a particular disease (named after "against"). A noun or pronoun can be used between "inoculate" and "against." No, I never had chicken pox as a kid, so I've been inoculated against it. The MMR vaccine inoculates children against measles, mumps, and rubella.
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inoculate someone against something

to immunize someone against a disease. We need to inoculate all the children against whooping cough. Have you been inoculated against measles?
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inoculate someone with something

to use a particular substance in immunizing someone against a disease. Donna inoculated Richard and Nancy with yellow fever vaccine for their trip. She also inoculated Sam with something to prevent malaria.
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* Thumb-style brass inoculators ($35 each at Field & Forest Products,
"This amendment is an inoculator. The first amendment being debated here on the floor is being inoculated," Mr.
Conversely Razzell writes that 'cold variants' of the smallpox virus were created by inoculators continually taking the virus from skin pustules where the temperature was lower than deeper in the body.
Ratio and number of particles of inoculators and the activating additive were selected experimentally in order to achieve maximum refining of the cast metal structure.
A MEDICAL diagnostics firm has created an inoculator machine that is meeting the needs of laboratories.
All tests were assayed on plates and were spot inoculated with a multipoint inoculator, except for O/F (oxidative or fermentative metabolism of glucose), ODC (ornithine decarboxylase), LDC (lysine decarboxylase), HDC (histidine decarboxylase), ADH (arginine dihydrolase), Voges-Proskauer, methyl red, Kligler, nitrate reduction, indole production, and the hydrolysis of urea when tests were performed in tubes.
The Terminator might indeed become the Inoculator; which is one reason the Republican right in California hasn't embraced him.
This inoculator can handle volumes from 0.010 to 1.25 ml and its tip design allows dispensing into both 96- and 384-well plates as well as the MicroPlates used by the inoculator to prevent contamination.
Field trials of fish marking using a Jet Inoculator. Journal of Fish Biology 1:383-385.
Should we therefore respect individual preferences and consider inoculations to be a private transaction (between inoculator and inoculatee)?
If we discarded one approach, what would we do with the expensive equipment--the dispenser and inoculator for microdilution or the replica plate reader system?
Agar dilution method was used for the determination of MICs of MGO, using a multi-point inoculator. The data was compiled and results were determined using SPSS version 17.
The NOD/SCID mice were anesthetized, and the distal pancreases were exteriorized,[sup][27],[28] and 10[sup]6 viable tumor cells in 10 [micro]l of cell suspension were injected into the pancreas using an inoculator with a 27-gauge needle.
Next, Sanchez grabs a tool called an inoculator. It looks like a hollow brass rod about a foot long.