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inoculate someone against something

to immunize someone against a disease. We need to inoculate all the children against whooping cough. Have you been inoculated against measles?
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inoculate someone with something

to use a particular substance in immunizing someone against a disease. Donna inoculated Richard and Nancy with yellow fever vaccine for their trip. She also inoculated Sam with something to prevent malaria.
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In experiments to infect and inoculate laboratory animals such as dogs, Pasteur and his team keep a loaded revolver within reach as they work on the sleeping beasts.
The machine inoculates 100% of chicks quickly compared to the slower, less efficient post-hatch method.
Each machine in the United States inoculates approximately 25,000 to 35,000 eggs per hour.
Deploying the company's Autonomic Network & System Administration (ANSA) platform, customers can systematically and persistently inoculate their cross-platform software vulnerabilities, well in advance of security breaches, to help preserve maximum computer system uptime, with minimal IT resources, resulting in a rapid ROI.
This month, SonicWALL announced the introduction of the SonicWALL Network Ant-Virus who inoculates businesses against virus outbreaks by actively ensuring that virus scanning is in use and up-to-date on every PC within a network.
The DRIS technology is a unique, in-situ remediation tool which utilizes high-pressure injections of parameter specific liquid inoculates for rapid biological remediation of soils and groundwater.