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inoculate someone against something

to immunize someone against a disease. We need to inoculate all the children against whooping cough. Have you been inoculated against measles?
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inoculate someone with something

to use a particular substance in immunizing someone against a disease. Donna inoculated Richard and Nancy with yellow fever vaccine for their trip. She also inoculated Sam with something to prevent malaria.
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Nasal swabs from all inoculated calves collected at 1 day postinoculation (dpi) were positive for viral RNA, and 3 of 4 calves shed infectious virus, detected by virus isolation in embryonated chicken eggs (Table 1).
In addition, these affected feathers can cause infection in orally inoculated domestic ducks (12).
Bauer has already inoculated hundreds of horses with the first and only horse vaccine, placed on the market last year, she said.
cerevisiae were achieved for ambient-temperature, inoculated beer treated at 45 kV per cm for 804 [micro]s.
Poults in each group were inoculated oculonasally with 200 [micro]L (50 [micro]L each in each eye and nostril) of 1 of the following: noninfected LLC-MK2 cell suspension (shaminoculated controls), 1 of the 4 genotypes of hMPV (A1, A2, B1, B2), or aMPV C (positive controls).
The metal enters the mold through the sprue, flows over the inoculant placed in the reaction chamber and, as it is being inoculated, fills the mold cavity.
Murine models of severe acute respiratory syndrome--associated coronavirus (SARS-CoV) will greatly advance research on this emerging virus, When BALB/c mice were simultaneously inoculated intranasally and orally, replication of SARS-CoV was found in both lung and intestinal tissue.
His own trees were inoculated with French cultures, and he has tried to mimic French soil.
So despite his dread of needles, Linden was inoculated Thursday with the first preventive vaccine to reach the final stage of testing before the Food and Drug Administration will consider approving it for widespread use.
Test the inoculated iron, and plot your results as a cooling curve, recording eutectic temperatures [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1 OMITTED]).
The grain used in the fermentation is inoculated with the spores of Koji.
Another technique used by researchers to detect bacteriocin activity involved the growth inhibition of indicators inoculated into cell-free culture supernatants of bacteriocin producers.
To determine if SARS-CoV could grow in avian embryos, 9-day-old chicken eggs and 13-day-old turkey embryonating eggs were inoculated by allantoic sac route and 17-day embryonating turkey eggs were inoculated by yolk sac route; all were tested by virus isolation and real-time RT-PCR for SARS-CoV.
Malik Ghulam Abbas Jasra said that as many as 101758 animals have so far been inoculated in Faisalabad district under Pre-Flood Vaccination Programme.
The inoculated berries were air-dried and then treated in the pulsed light system, in which they were immersed in agitated water while illuminated from 5 to 60 seconds.