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(as) innocent as a newborn babe

1. Blameless or faultless. I swear, I didn't pull the fire alarm—I'm innocent as a newborn babe!
2. Unsophisticated, inexperienced, and/or gullible. This is her first job—she's as innocent as a newborn babe.
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(as) innocent as a lamb

1. Blameless or faultless. I swear, I didn't pull the fire alarm—I'm innocent as a lamb!
2. Unsophisticated, inexperienced, and/or gullible. This is her first job—she's as innocent as a lamb.
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play innocent

To act as if one had no knowledge or involvement in something. He always plays innocent whenever something goes wrong in his department. Quit playing innocent, Dana—we have proof that you're the one who stole from the register.
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find (one) innocent

To determine and declare in court that one is innocent of a crime. I don't know how the jury found him innocent, considering all the evidence against him.
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find someone guilty

 and find someone innocent; find someone not guilty
to decide guilt or innocence and deliver a verdict in a court of law. The judge found the defendant not guilty by reason of insanity. The jury found the defendant innocent.
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*innocent as a lamb

 and *innocent as a newborn babe 
1. guiltless. (*Also: as ~.) "Hey! You can't throw me in jail," cried the robber. "I'm innocent as a lamb."
2. naive; inexperienced. (*Also: as ~.) She's eighteen years old, but innocent as a newborn babe.
See also: innocent, lamb

play innocent

to pretend to be innocent and not concerned. There is no need to play innocent. I know you broke the lamp! John is playing innocent, and he knows more than he is telling us.
See also: innocent, play
References in classic literature ?
But don't try to make out I'm too innocent to eat a fat piglet if I could do it and not be found out.
And all the people cheered and clapped their hands, rejoicing that the prisoner had escaped death and been proved to be innocent.
Then the crowd cheered lustily and Dorothy hugged the kitten in her arms and told her how delighted she was to know that she was innocent.
If I was not innocent of this crime, I couldn't look at you and keep my secret to myself under the condescension of the present visit.
But I don't see how an innocent man is to make up his mind to this kind of thing without knocking his head against the walls unless he takes it in that point of view.
We're all three innocent, and that seems to be what's wanted.
But the innocent dead could not be restored to life and the hill where they were executed will always remind people of the saddest and most humiliating passage in our history.
Cornelius received this innocent confidence with a smile; he felt as if a ray of good fortune were shining on his path.
But between Evelina and other girls there was this difference, that where another would have poured out her feelings quite naturally, Evelina regarded these innocent confidences as a concession made to the stormy emotions which had invaded the quiet sanctuary of her girlish soul.
To mingle our careless talk with the song of the birds among the dewy leaves, to smile at each other as we gazed on the sky, to turn our steps slowly homewards at the sound of the bell that always rings too soon, to admire together some little detail in the landscape, to watch the fitful movements of an insect, to look closely at a gleaming demoiselle fly--the delicate creature that resembles an innocent and loving girl; in such ways as these are not one's thoughts drawn daily a little higher?
But I trust that, in the worst case, we may obtain a pardon for the sake of the innocent who are involved.
I beg your pardon, sir, I mean it's stuff and nonsense for the innocent to care about her being hanged.
The relation's innocent that the heroine gets out of.
Suspicious circumstances swarmed upon my slow perception: how innocent I had been
If there is not evidence enough, on the one hand, to justify them in finding a prisoner guilty, and not evidence enough, on the other hand, to thoroughly convince them that a prisoner is innocent, they extricate themselves from the difficulty by finding a verdict of Not Proven.