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be the picture of (something)

To be ideal example of something (which is listed after "of"). Yes, Jill was in the hospital a few months ago, but she's the picture of health now. We went running together just the other day. Those photos of you and your family were so lovely. You all are the picture of happiness!
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in all innocence

1. Without ill or malicious thought or intention. Witnesses testifying on her behalf claim the woman smuggled the medication in all innocence, with the sole aim of helping a suffering family member who could not afford treatment. I'm reminded of the scene in the original Frankenstein film, where the monster, in all innocence, tosses the little girl into the lake because he saw her doing the same to her flower petals.
2. Without knowledge or awareness of the significance of something or some situation; naïvely or guilelessly. The precocious child asked the pilot, in all innocence, how likely it is for a plane to crash. The student stared at me blankly and then asked, in all innocence, if she should be taking notes on the lecture.
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in all innocence

without knowledge of something's significance or possible consequences.
1992 Jeff Torrington Swing Hammer Swing! I'd given him the matches in all innocence but that didn't let me off the hook.
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During a two-year search process when 40 Worth Street was 100 percent leased, the Innocence Project's neighboring tenant, Maesa, indicated a need to relocate.
" Panelo, who is also Duterte's chief legal counsel, said that the Palace understands the principle of the presumption of innocence, but he believes the public's "right to know" about alleged drug-linked candidates takes precedence."We'd like to tell them that the Constitution gives people right to know matters of public concern, especially those that concern their lives and welfare," Panelo said.
After his conviction was upheld, Shipley's family hired an investigator who developed evidence supporting his case and presented it to the University of Baltimore Innocence Project Clinic and Office of the Public Defender.
You have such incredible resilience to keep dancing, and to keep the innocence and to keep the joy.
The Illinois Innocence Project advocates on behalf of the imprisoned by researching and investigating claims of innocence, and providing legal representation in cases where credible claims for innocence can be made.
Entering a world of mystery, fun and adventure Innocence has been dubbed"a magical theatre journey".
While not the focus of the book, Norris does explore the mutually influential relationship between innocence and the death penalty.
In an ambush interview on Monday, Duterte cited the difference between the Philippines and France when in terms of presumption of innocence on suspects.
He will now have to prove his innocence and set himself free.
"Real Madrid CF is absolutely convinced Cristiano Ronaldo will prove his total innocence in this process and hopes the Justice will act as quickly as possible so its innocence can be demonstrated."
Since then, Thomas has maintained his innocence, a fact corroborated by the ( Pennsylvania Innocence Project and a private law firm.
McMahon always maintained his innocence and allegedly refused countless blackmail attempts by the alleged victim, instead choosing to defend himself in an allegedly broken criminal justice system.
EMMERDALE ITV, 7pm and 8pm IT'S not looking good for Andy, who is protesting his innocence down at the local cop shop.
Lost Innocence is just a comic book, but it took two and a half years to write.