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inner circle

A small, exclusive, and intimate group of like-minded people sharing a common goal, pursuit, or purpose. After nearly 20 years working for the company, I was finally brought into the board of directors' inner circle. John, Samantha, Mary, and I are kind of the inner circle of our wider group of friends.
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inner core

The innermost part of something. The term is used both literally and figuratively. What is the Earth's inner core made of? At his inner core, he's a good person, I just know it.
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inner strength

One's resolve or determination. You have to draw on your inner strength—it will carry you through an experience like this.
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the inner man/woman

One's inner thoughts, conscience, mind, or spirit. Spending time away from technology and the hustle of the city does wonders for the inner woman. It's important to spend time cultivating the inner man, not just the man presented to the outside world.
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the ˌinner ˈman/ˈwoman

1 your mind or soul: Prayer and meditation are good for the inner man.
2 (humorous) your appetite: It’s time to do something for the inner man; let’s look for a restaurant.
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The innerness of silent speech and the outwardness of articulated speech are not opposites, tidily partitioned.
Spirituality is defined as the dimension of one's being that is an integrating or unifying factor and that is manifested through unifying interconnectedness, purpose and meaning in life, innerness or inner resources and transcendence.
We interpret the capacity of others to hide their feelings and thoughts from us by means of the idea of a hidden innerness. We see the possibility of pretence as devaluing the "outer evidence", and make up for this perceived lack in what is outer by postulating an inner realm.
Wherever there is any level of natural unity, ontological being if you will, there is innerness in some degree.
Inattention to the meaning of the term conservatism results in a loose and relativistic perception of its innerness, the fons et origo of certitudes, assents, values.
The subscales were named Meaning or Purpose in Life (4 items), Innerness or Inner Resources (9 items), Unifying Interconnectedness (9 items), and Transcendence (6 items).
A character without a biography and without qualities." The wish of European intellectuals to free themselves from the old weight of history, subjectivity, and unbearable meaning has its tradition of projections toward the East, Roland Barthes's fictitious "Japan," an empire of signs devoid of Western innerness, being only one prominent instance.
Citing Foucault, he tells us that "the practice of confession creates the metaphors of innerness that it claims to explore: without the requirement of confession--one may overstate the issue --there might be nothing inward to examine." In a "world of massification," confession fulfills the function of assuring each of us that he is still "a unique individual with a unique story to tell."
Carson fears this can't finally be done, which must be why she is willing to let her scholarship seem only a thorny armor to cover, unconvincingly, the molten innerness.
Both the mirroring and reflexive functions of consciousness share in the "drama of human innerness, the drama of good and evil enacted in the inner stage of the human person" through his actions (AP 49).
The subscales are Meaning or Purpose in Life, Innerness or Inner Resources (called Inner Resources in this study), Unifying Interconnectedness (called Positive Interconnectedness in this study), and Transcendence.
The soul is that which cannot be understood sufficiently by the natural sciences alone, for there is an innerness to personal life that cannot be accessed by instruments of outward sense perception.
No one can truly know the soul of another, for there is an innerness where each of us dwells that can have no companion but God.