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inner circle

A small, exclusive, and intimate group of like-minded people sharing a common goal, pursuit, or purpose. After nearly 20 years working for the company, I was finally brought into the board of directors' inner circle. John, Samantha, Mary, and I are kind of the inner circle of our wider group of friends.
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inner core

The innermost part of something. The term is used both literally and figuratively. What is the Earth's inner core made of? At his inner core, he's a good person, I just know it.
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inner strength

One's resolve or determination. You have to draw on your inner strength—it will carry you through an experience like this.
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the inner man/woman

One's inner thoughts, conscience, mind, or spirit. Spending time away from technology and the hustle of the city does wonders for the inner woman. It's important to spend time cultivating the inner man, not just the man presented to the outside world.
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the ˌinner ˈman/ˈwoman

1 your mind or soul: Prayer and meditation are good for the inner man.
2 (humorous) your appetite: It’s time to do something for the inner man; let’s look for a restaurant.
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"It turns out -- if our results are correct -- the inner core shares some similar elastic properties with gold and platinum.
The Inner Advisor is most especially helpful in matters of health problems, although one can ask it for help in any problem one may be confronted with.
Inner Forth Futurescape Project Assistant Ami Kirkbright said:"When you're working with schoolchildren, having something visual like this animation is a fun and engaging way to capture their imaginations.
Inner City Press: What is the UN actually doing to try to...
This resulted in what the scientists have termed inner ear "organoids," or three-dimensional structures containing sensory cells and supporting cells found in the inner ear.
Also, a moving Cartesian coordinate system ([x.sub.i], [y.sub.i]) is fixed to the center of the inner raceway, which translates with the inner ring and is always parallel to the global coordinate (X, Y), respectively.
NERVE DEAFNESS In nerve deafness the outer and middle ears work well, but the hearing organ in the inner ear is faulty, possibly due to prolonged exposure to loud noise, Meniere's disease and to some viral infections and drugs.
The 2015 Inner City 100 winners represent a wide span of geography, hailing from 45 cities and 23 states.
Geologists believe that as the earth evolved, changes have occurred to the earth's inner core so much so that the inner core may itself have two distinct regions - an 'inner-inner core' and an 'outer-inner core'.
Identifying these Inner Critic types as living persons, one of the defining aspects of the book, allows the authors to introduce Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS).
The fatwa added that some of the doctrines consider that the necessary amount of the inner intention is that the Muslim knows with their heart that they fast the following day of Ramadan, and in Al-Malkiya doctrine, one inner intention is enough for fasting the whole month of Ramadan.
Another angle is illustrated by the Surlyn[R] 3D overmolding technology, leading to the development of an increasing number of colors, textures, shapes and sizes for the inner and outer containers of perfume, personal care and make-up products.
From the descriptions of the heavens or shutters opening, it is apparent that this effect took place on the inner stage.