inlay with

inlay something with something

to decorate something by cutting in a design and filling the cut with some decorative substance. The workers inlaid the tabletop with bits of polished seashell. The tabletop was inlaid with a lovely design.
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The corneal inlay with the greatest regulatory approvals is the Kamra corneal inlay (AcuFocus, Inc.
com), maker of an innovative corneal inlay that may revolutionize the treatment of near vision loss (presbyopia) in patients over 40, today announced that three top ophthalmologists, who suffered from various degrees of presbyopia, have recently received the KAMRA[TM] inlay with great results.
We believe that Invengo is first to offer this important RFID inlay with two chip options.
Selecting the inlay with the right properties or characteristics to support the passive tag which will be used for a specific application is extremely vital as it ultimately ensures whether the overall RFID deployment is going to be a success or a failure.