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inlay with (something)

To cut into a surface and then fill the space with a decorative material and/or design. A noun or pronoun can be used between "inlay" and "with." Look at how this fretboard is inlaid with mother-of-pearl—how beautiful!
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inlay something with something

to decorate something by cutting in a design and filling the cut with some decorative substance. The workers inlaid the tabletop with bits of polished seashell. The tabletop was inlaid with a lovely design.
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He cited the case of R and V Group, a label converting company in Chattanooga, Tennessee, which was experiencing failure rates of 40 percent or more with incoming label inlays from certain manufacturers prior to becoming an Omron certified label converter.
The reader writer which handles the newest EPCglobal C1G2 will be introduced to the market along with the C1G2 IC tag inlays. Reader writers installed in the field can be upgraded to the C1G2 by changing their firmware.
The Pro-In Protect Inlay is available in two different materials: a regranulated material made from recycled plastic or a fully recyclable PE film.
Like the small aperture corneal inlay, the small aperture IC-8 IOL is implanted only in the non-dominant eye of the patient with the dominant eye corrected for emmetropia either with a monofocal or a monofocal toric IOL.
Inlays and onlays are a good option to restore endodontically treated teeth because of their durability, custom fit, resistance to staining and tooth structure preservation.
In addition, the firm offers Corium models featuring 24k gold plated iPhones housing premium quality crocodile leather inlay and a logo made from hand cut black mother of pearl decorated with solid 18k gold.
The FLO-MO inlay is hot-stamped using standard equipment onto a sheet of PC.
According to AcuFocus, it will use the financing to accelerate its commercialiaation plans for the KAMRA inlay and IC-8 lens as well as further advances in research and development projects that continue to leverage its small aperture expertise.
More than 470 color photos bring in-depth detail to "The Art of Leather Inlay and Overlay: A Guide to the Techniques for Top Results" by Lisa Sorrell who is an award-winning leather artist and master cowboy boot maker known for her colorful and intricate designs.
they w from cla which the small in size tile possibly Monmouthshire, white slip inlay of atree within a design set PS200-300 A particularly fine mosaic floor can be seen at the gothic Byland Abbey, an English Heritage monastery in North Yorkshire, said to have been the inspiration for the famous rose window in York Minster.
RFID leader Smartrac has launched Sensor Patch, a passive UHF moisture-sensing inlay for healthcare applications.
Basic Marquetry and Beyond: Expert Techniques for Crafting Beautiful Images with Veneer and Inlay is a 'must' crafts guide for avid woodworkers who want keys to putting the final touches on projects.
Synopsis: Marquetry is the use of veneers and inlay to embellish a woodworking project or to create a beautiful image.
The company's artisans are specially skilled in the art of intricate hand carving, naqashi (hand painting), coloured and natured wood inlay marquetry, brass and mother of pearl inlay and different polish and painted finishes.
Horner presents woodworking professionals and general interest readers with a comprehensive introduction to designing and creating images in wood using a variety of veneer and inlay techniques.