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inlay something with something

to decorate something by cutting in a design and filling the cut with some decorative substance. The workers inlaid the tabletop with bits of polished seashell. The tabletop was inlaid with a lovely design.
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The Raindrop Near Vision Inlay (Revision Optics) works by reshaping the cornea of the non-dominant eye using an implant made of a proprietary micro-porous hydrogel material.
In future we will experiment inlay works on other sources as well.
and manufacturers of 2nd generation inlays and tags.
SMARTRAC is a leading supplier of inlays for contactless credit cards (ePayment) and passports with integrated contactless chips (ePassports).
While restoring bronzes with gold "inlay," he found that modern inlay technique could not successfully conceal traces of the meeting points of gold wires and achieve the same smooth visual effect as the original gold decoration on these ancient bronzes.
Second, many objects have a separation between the inlay and the background piece.
Japan plans to make an initial grant of 68,000 dollars to establish an agroforestry training center in eastern Myanmar's Lake Inlay area, aimed at curbing the environmental degradation of Lake Inlay which supplies water to Lawpita hydroelectric power station, the Japanese Embassy said Tuesday.
Pompa noted that one can still catch a glint of a gold inlay in the teeth of people in Oaxaca, for example.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of One Set Of Lav Inlay For Wgfscwac/J Coach Consists Of Following Items:1.
The inlay is delivered with an improved, smaller antenna compared to the previous Belt design, enabling retailers, brand owners and all participants in the value chain to maximize the benefits of RFID technology.
Like a filing, an inlay is applied inside the cusp tips of a tooth, while the more complicated onlay extends over one or more of the cusps of the tooth, allowing more coverage for damaged areas.
a global brand identification solutions provider that supplies Tags, Swing Tickets and Labels to the retail apparel industry, today announced the opening of a new inlay Production Center at its CGP facility in Clayton, Nr.
Aimed at consumer electronics manufacturers and suppliers to major retailers, the new inlay will be ready for shipment from early August 2006.