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the foggiest inkling

A basic, vague, or rudimentary knowledge or understanding (about something). Often used in negative constructions. A: "Do you know where the car keys are?" B: "I haven't the foggiest inkling. Sorry." Do you have the foggiest inkling how much this mistake is going to cost the company? Even though I could speak a little Japanese, I didn't have the foggiest inkling what the woman was talking about.
See also: foggy, inkling

*inkling (of something)

a hint about something that is to happen. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) The speeches gave us an inkling of what we could expect from the new president.

*inkling (of something)

a hint about something that is to happen. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) The speeches gave us an inkling of what we could expect from the new president.
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The acquisition provides Inkling with growth capital and operational support to help the company realise its vision to power deskless workforces.
Inkling lets enterprises communicate with deskless workers and enables measurement of employee engagement and compliance.
"Inkling" is his first published novel-length effort.
Lonely Planet's Best Trips books on Inkling are said to provide the traveler with practical information to explore a region by car, with an interactive map, local insider information, fun detours, the best accommodation and dining and a built-in five-day weather forecast.
Likewise, Matt MacInnis founded Inkling Systems, Inc.
Inkling partnered with publisher John Wiley & Sons Inc on the iPad version of the book, which features 1,200 pages' worth of images, videos, recipes and methods.
Then, most smokers were men who'd started in childhood when no one had an inkling of the terrible price to be paid for that satisfying drag on the "harmless" weed.
His devastated journalist dad Chris, of Williton, Somerset, said: "We had no inkling he was unhappy."
We had no inkling that we had served up a straight line when asking, "What will it take to scale back the project by $12 million?"
You may have driven by hundreds of times without an inkling of what lies within: swimming pools, a spa, and fitness classes from hula to yoga, all surrounded by Berkeley's knockout trails.
A subsequent chapter describes the dozens of times where Inklings became characters in one of their writings, where characteristics of Inklings became features of book characters (Priscilla Tolkien was convinced that the Ransom of Lewis's trilogy was based on her father), where poems referred to events in the lives of other Inklings, where books were dedicated to other Inklings, where reviews were written about one another's books, where the writings of another Inkling was credited as an influence in one's own work (Barfield's Poetic Diction being very influential in Lewis's thinking), or where memorial articles, memoirs, or obituaries were written by Inklings about one another.
It's possible that some Israelis have not an inkling of what life is for Palestinians.
As each step dissolves in the wet sand The voices inside my head grow softer And a strange new feeling creeps up on me A restlessness in the pit of my stomach, An inkling of a long-forgotten empire, A knowledge at once deeper than the sea And smaller than a grain of sand.
Also for Tolkien fans from Inkling Press is Michael W.
Before I went into the Coal House, I did have an inkling that I might be.