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do (oneself or someone) an injustice

To do something that hinders or is detrimental to one. You're doing your kids an injustice by catering to their every whim—they need to learn to be independent.
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do yourself/somebody an inˈjustice

judge yourself/somebody unfairly: We may have been doing him an injustice. This work is good.
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Referring to a recent comment on television by someone who criticised his 'I'm a fighter' remarks made in a judgment earlier, Chief Justice Nisar clarified that he is fighting to rid society from the menace of injustice.
Asma Jahangir remained a beacon of resistance against injustice,' it added.
According to him, they have a right to hold a peaceful protest for every injustice being committed with the poor people.
NetherRealm Studios consistently delivers amazing gameplay along with an extremely compelling story that resonates with core and casual gamers, and Injustice 2 is their most engaging, deepest game yet, said David Haddad, President, Warner Bros.
Injustice 2 may not be the game we asked for, but it's certainly the game we deserve.
Keeping Neil Aggetts memory alive also reminds us that apartheid injustice was fought by black and white men and women who rejected the oppression of humanity based on race, gender and other irrational expressions of bigotry, she added.
The society we would form, would have the resilience and the strength to challenge any injustice by itself.
Those who purchased the Galaxy S7 Edge Injustice Edition also received a bunch of other goodies along with their phone, like a gold-plated Batarang, a case modeled after Batman's armour, and more.
In fact, all three types are considered as doing injustice to oneself as one wrongs oneself when one intends to do injustice.
Epistemic injustice gives a name to experiences that we struggle to articulate due to the injuries of hegemonic speech.
A study conducted by a Stanford doctoral student found that people primed to feel powerful are quick to notice injustice when they're victims, but not so much when they benefit or when others are victimized.
And I, at 41, knew I could tell him, this son of Holocaust survivors, of the injustice I felt.
The advisor to the Afghan government, who has several personal reasons to abhor the Taliban, said, "The corruption and injustice gave birth to the Taliban and the corruption and injustice could give rise to ISIS.
With the same token, injustice is to put a thing in an inappropriate place.