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add insult to injury

To exacerbate an already problematic situation in a way that is humiliating; to make someone who has just experienced injury or defeat feel worse about the situation with one's words. A: "Well, it's not like you were having a great season before you broke your leg." B: "Thanks for adding insult to injury." I was already late for work and, to add insult to injury, I spilled coffee all over myself.
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add insult to injury

Fig. Cliché to make a bad situation worse; to hurt the feelings of a person who has already been hurt. First, the basement flooded, and then, to add insult to injury, a pipe burst in the kitchen. My car barely started this morning, and to add insult to injury, I got a flat tire in the driveway.
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add insult to injury

Hurt a person's feelings after doing him or her harm; also, make a bad situation worse. For example, Not only did the club refuse him, but it published a list of the rejected applicants-that's adding insult to injury , or The nearest parking space was half a mile away, and then, to add insult to injury, it began to pour : The phrase is an ancient one, even older than its often cited use in the Roman writer Phaedrus's fable of the bald man and the fly. A fly bit the head of a bald man, who, trying to crush it, gave himself a heavy blow. The fly then jeered, "You want to avenge an insect's sting with death; what will you do to yourself, who have added insult to injury?" In English it was first recorded in 1748.
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add insult to injury

COMMON If someone or something adds insult to injury, they make a bad situation worse by doing or causing another bad thing. She stood there and made him wash every part of his body. She then added insult to injury by trimming his hair and making him wear a linen shirt several sizes too big for him. Birth is such a shock, and what usually follows adds insult to injury. The poor little thing is held upside down and slapped. Note: You can use to add insult to injury or adding insult to injury to introduce a further unpleasant thing that has happened and that you are reporting. The driver of the car that killed Simon Collins got away with a £250 fine. To add insult to injury, he drove away from court in his own car.
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do yourself an injury

suffer physical harm or damage. informal
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add insult to injury

do or say something that makes a bad or displeasing situation even worse.
This phrase comes from Edward Moore's play The Foundling ( 1748 ): ‘This is adding insult to injuries’.
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add ˌinsult to ˈinjury

make a bad relationship with somebody worse by offending them even more: She forgot to send me an invitation to her party and then added insult to injury by asking to borrow my jacket!
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do somebody/yourself an ˈinjury

(often humorous) hurt somebody/yourself physically: I nearly did myself an injury carrying those heavy suitcases.
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Further, not applying the rule creates perverse incentives by encouraging insureds to stop work immediately after an accident and to overstate the injury for fear that honest efforts to work will destroy eligibility for benefits.
Applying this analysis, the Murphy court ruled that damages received (1) solely as compensation for a personal injury (physical or nonphysical) and (2) not in lieu of something that is normally taxed, are not an accession to wealth and therefore not income under the 16th Amendment.
However, isolated injury of the parotid duct without facial nerve injury is rare, and almost all reported cases have occurred in adults following an assault with a knife, bottle, or firearm.
Strong neck muscles play a vital role in preventing injury during tackling or blocking drills where inadvertent headfirst contact is possible.
Since Glenshaw Glass did not differentiate between physical and nonphysical damages, Murphy argued, the Supreme Court intended that all damages for personal injury be excluded from income.
Move the resident to his or her bed only after a full assessment of injuries or potential injuries is complete, and use a method that will protect the resident from any further injury.
Eventually, the injury was diagnosed and Claudia was medically evacuated from Iraq.
Injury prevention, therefore, begins with the hiring process.
JEFFREY STANTON, a principal with Pacific Northwest Ballet, has had very few injuries in his 17-year career other than minor foot problems and a shoulder injury.
At the same time, every physical injury may not start with a physical blow.
Lauer, national director of affiliate relations for the Brain Injury Association of America, because the treatment modalities for brain injury can be very different than those for behavioral health disorders.
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This condition is familiar to any runner who has experienced an Achilles tendon injury that takes unbearably long to resolve.
The goals of this PA are to develop better bioprotective therapies and to minimize respiratory injury and illness.