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honest injun

An expression used to emphasize the veracity of one's statement. Based on a colloquial spelling of "Indian" (i.e., Native American). One of many expressions often considered offensive for making reference to Native American stereotypes or tropes. Primarily heard in US. I swear it wasn't me who broke the lamp, honest injun!
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honest to God

1. expression Honestly; truly; genuinely. Used to emphasize the veracity of one's statement. I swear it wasn't me who broke the lamp, honest to God! Honest to God, how are we supposed to finish this project on time with half of our staff laid off?
2. adjective Genuine; actual. In this usage, the phrase is hyphenated. It was a real, honest-to-God treasure map. I couldn't believe me eyes.
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honest to God

Also, honest to goodness or Pete ; honest Injun. Truly, really, as in Honest to God, I didn't know it was yours, or Honest to goodness, we had exactly the same experience, or I promise I'll finish in time, honest to Pete, or Honest Injun, I didn't take your wallet. These colloquial assertions date from about 1900, except for honest Injun, dating from the late 1800s and today considered offensive.
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honest Injun

honestly; really. dated
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However, it wasn't until Reel Injun was showcased as the opening film at the 2009 ImagineNATIVE Film and Media Arts Festival that Diamond and co-directors Catherine Bainbridge and Jeremiah Hayes knew they had incorporated the right amount of humor.
Successful punts on Mount Hillaby, Sendintank and Honest Injun left a few holes in the layers' satchels
However, the most likely next opponent for Harrison is South Korea's WBC champion Injun Chi, who dismantled Michael Brodie to capture that belt.
If you are a punter, you bet on the new season just as if you're an Injun you scalp palefaces.
The masked cowboy spent his time fighting injustice, helped by an "injun" called Tonto.
Some might be forgiven for thinking that the Afon Llwchwr which forms the boundary between east and west was as difficult to cross as the Mississippi with the land beyond being "injun" country, a point at which the cavalry have turned back.
As for whittling wood into a work of art, you will have to refer to 'Sitting Bull's Little Red Injun Manual' that is available online, but only if you use the correct smoke-signal code.
"Injun" demise; cannons shed blood-- red enterprise: Men rot
Reviewers are hailing Band of Robbers as a movie with "a killer premise, polished direction, and a tone as though Anton Chigurh sauntered into Bottle Rocket." The film casts Kyle Gallner (American Sniper) as Huck, Adam Nee (The Last Romantic) as Tom, Melissa Benoist (Supergirl) as Becky Thatcher, Stephen Lang (Avatar) as Injun Joe, Matthew Gray Gubler (Criminal Minds) as Joe Harper, and Hannibal Burress (SNL) as Ben Rogers.
Injun Joe, the actual murderer, tries to kill Tom during the hearing in court and makes a hasty exit.
For someone who grew up in crowded, downtown mohallas, adventures of gunslingers like James Green, the dark, brooding hero of 'Sudden' series, on the Texas planes and harsh landscape of the 'Injun Country' held strange fascination and offered momentary escape from my humdrum existence.
All three Rhino horizontal wells are targeting oil in the Big Injun Sand formation in Union District of Clay County.
But while this Mississippi River community continues to attract thousands of people each year interested in knowing more of the roots of a certain whitewashed wooden fence, Tom Sawyer and "Injun Joe," fewer residents today follow the local daily paper, whose newsroom once buzzed with a staff of a dozen journalists.
We were introduced to the splendour of the Mississippi and the Great Outdoors by Tom Sawyer, Huck Finn and Injun Joe.
Pictured, left to right, hiding behind gravestones are Tom Sawyer played by Andrew Craig, Huckleberry Finn (Christopher Atkinson), while Injun Joe, played by Steven Close, is about to murder Dr Robinson (Matthew Reynolds) bottom left after knocking out Muff Potter, played by Stephen Heatley.