inject into

inject (something) into (someone or something)

1. To squeeze or squirt a fluid into someone or something by using a needle, syringe, or similar tool. We watched helplessly as the doctors injected epinephrine into the patient. Use this syringe to inject saline solution into the surgical area to clean it.
2. By extension, to add or introduce something into a particular situation. You can always count on Leah to inject humor into a grim conversation. Ugh, I don't understand why this writer always injects so much heartbreak into her novels.
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inject (something) into (someone, something, or some creature)

 and inject (someone, something, or some creature) with (something)
to give a hypodermic injection of something to someone or an animal. The nurse injected the medicine into my arm. He injected a very large dose into the patient.
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inject something into something

1. Lit. to squirt something, such as oil, water, etc., into something. The pump injected the oil into the wheel bearings when I squeezed the lever. The mechanic injected a solvent into the lock.
2. Fig. to put something, such as humor, excitement, etc., into a situation. Let's inject a little humor into this dismal affair. She likes to inject a lot of excitement into her books.
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Inadvertent arterial injection, particularly when attempting to inject into the femoral vein, that is, "groin injecting," may cause arterial pseudoaneurysm (4,5).
The male acquaintance showed him how to inject into a vein.
"You might be able to inject into a muscle but I think your arm would go black."
The NDSC warns addicts not to inject into muscle or under the skin, but to "make sure you hit the vein as blood kills bacteria better than muscle.
Instead of the traditional method of injecting from the top of the mold that is used in most vertical and horizontal machines, the manufacturing engineers opted to inject into the centerline, or parting line, of the mold.