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inject (someone or something) with (something)

To squeeze or squirt a fluid into someone or something by using a needle, syringe, or similar tool. We watched helplessly as the doctors injected the patient with epinephrine. You can clean the surgical area by injecting it with saline solution.
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inject (something) into (someone or something)

1. To squeeze or squirt a fluid into someone or something by using a needle, syringe, or similar tool. We watched helplessly as the doctors injected epinephrine into the patient. Use this syringe to inject saline solution into the surgical area to clean it.
2. By extension, to add or introduce something into a particular situation. You can always count on Leah to inject humor into a grim conversation. Ugh, I don't understand why this writer always injects so much heartbreak into her novels.
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inject (something) into (someone, something, or some creature)

 and inject (someone, something, or some creature) with (something)
to give a hypodermic injection of something to someone or an animal. The nurse injected the medicine into my arm. He injected a very large dose into the patient.
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inject something into something

1. Lit. to squirt something, such as oil, water, etc., into something. The pump injected the oil into the wheel bearings when I squeezed the lever. The mechanic injected a solvent into the lock.
2. Fig. to put something, such as humor, excitement, etc., into a situation. Let's inject a little humor into this dismal affair. She likes to inject a lot of excitement into her books.
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However, lower volumes of gas are injected, so venting is less of a problem.
The most common side effects are a short period, usually 1 to 2 weeks, of breathiness or hypophonia, dysphagia, choking, pain at the injection site, and edema of the vocal folds if too much volume is injected. Excessive weakness or more severe side effects can occur if the toxin spreads to other adductor muscles, such as the lateral cricoarytenoid.
The prosecutor said Mr Ross-Evans was not a habitual heroin user and he could not inject himself.
As she informs someone off camera about the prick, it's not clear whether she actually injected any filler - as they ask her if she actually did hurt herself.
A limitation of our study is that Hospital Episode Statistics do not record whether patients inject drugs, and therefore a proxy was used.
Among people who inject drugs, HIV prevalence was 18.7 percent, compared to approximately 5.6 percent in the general Kenyan population.
The iStent inject relies on a similar fluidic method of action as the company's flagship iStent Trabecular Micro-Bypass Stent, which was approved by the TGA in 2014.
The children admitted for treatment of Pneumonia and other infections started vomiting and complained of cold and suffered difficulties in breathing as soon as they were injected with an evening dose.
ONE in 10 men who inject themselves with anabolic steroids or tanning drugs have been exposed to HIV, hepatitis B or hepatitis C, according to a study released today.
(1) Among the minority of MUs who continued to inject drugs, the needle sharing rate doubled after antiretroviral therapy began.
It was estimated that 625,000 opioid users and 125,000 persons inject drugs this time in the country.
Some of Britain's drug users now inject mephedrone up to 20 times per day, the annual DrugScope Street Drug Trends Survey has found.
users are playing Russian routette every time they inject these things into them because there is no control over what dealers put into this." A fifth of teenagers here have taken deadly head shop drugs despite a Government ban.
Ad-Inject is designed to allow major brands and sponsors to inject location and context sensitive messages into information channels on junaio.
Last night, health officials issued a warning to heroin users not to inject the drug.