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on (one's) own initiative

Without requiring or having been given instruction, prompting, or guidance from others; by one's own effort or energy. Few things impress employers more than implementing business solutions on your own initiative. I just think Jennifer needs to do things on her own initiative more, instead of waiting to see what her boyfriend wants to do all the time.
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take the initiative

To instigate some action, task, or plan; to be the first to act or do something. If you notice that something isn't working, please take the initiative to fix it. The boss was impressed with how Mary took the initiative with the project.
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take the initiative (to do something)

to activate oneself to do something even if one has not been asked to do it. The door hinges squeak because no one will take the initiative to oil them. Sometimes, in order to get things done, you have to take the initiative.
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on one's own account

Also, on one's own hook or initiative . For oneself; also, by one's own efforts, as in I've gone into business on my own account, or He called the police on his own hook, or She went job-hunting on her own initiative. The first term, first recorded in 1801, transfers the financial sense of account to one's own interest or risk. The hook variant, a colloquialism, was first recorded in 1812 and the precise analogy is unclear. The second variant, using initiative in the sense of "enterprise," was first recorded in 1858.
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take the initiative

Begin a task or plan of action, as in The boss was on vacation when they ran out of materials, so Julie took the initiative and ordered more . This term uses initiative in the sense of "the power to originate something," a usage dating from the late 1700s.
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(do something) on your own iˈnitiative

do something which is your own idea, not a suggestion or an order from another person: Did you ask him to organize a meeting, or was it on his own initiative?
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take the iˈnitiative

lead people by being the first to act in a situation: France took the initiative in the peace talks.California took the initiative in banning smoking in public places.
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n. cocaine. (see also incentive.) Maybe I need some more of that initiative to get me going.

on (one's) own initiative

Without prompting or direction from others; on one's own.
See also: initiative, on, own
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During his tenure, Towey aggressively sought to tamp down criticism of the initiative, often lambasting critics as "radical secularists.
Can you think of an example where the tax shelter initiative offer is different from how Appeals might settle the case through the exercise of its traditional authority or Fast Track Settlement means?
Further, your CEO admits that this looks impossible, but having promised the board of directors to deliver according to plan, wants you to develop a plan that both keeps all costs under control and delivers all the initiatives on time.
and India Global Democracy Initiative to help countries making the often difficult transition to democracy.
With the judging for the Single Poem Contest completed, the Poetry Initiative organized an awards ceremony very different from the traditional event.
Develop an Overarching Policy or Procedure to Leverage Sources of Advanced Technology: This initiative seeks to improve the transfer of technology between the National Laboratories and the Army by working with the Department of Energy to determine how to make the current process work more efficiently.
To improve coverage, the IRS is expanding its scope of compliance initiatives by (1) introducing pilot programs, which will help it to learn more about compliance; and (2) standardizing audit procedures for the future.
Today, this thinking is reflected in a far-reaching set of initiatives known collectively as the NIH Roadmap for Medical Research.
Obviously, overcoming these sources of complacency should be a major goal of any change initiative.
McGirr says although the initiative has raised a large portion of the required $12 million, fundraising still needs to be carried out.
It has been a major factor influencing records management initiatives throughout Europe, and the E.
Because its initiative was a constitutional amendment, Nevada's vote was its second on the issue; 59 percent of voters had approved medical marijuana in 1998.
Voters in California and the 23 other initiative states love this power-to-the-people tool that lets us exercise popular democracy and govern ourselves.
When we began our restraint reduction initiative January 1995, 50% of our residents were in some type of restraint.
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