initiate into

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initiate into (something)

1. To formally install or inaugurate someone into a particular office, group, or role. A noun or pronoun can be used between "induct" and "into." When will we be initiated into the honor society? I can't believe you really want to be initiated into a frat.
2. To familiarize someone with the tasks associated with a particular job or role. Yep, Tina has been initiating me into the tasks that I'll have to do while she's out on maternity leave.
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initiate someone into something

1. to induct someone into an organization or activity, usually in a ceremony. They will initiate me into the fraternity next week. They initiated all their new members into the club at once.
2. to introduce someone to the activities associated with a job or other situation. The personnel department will initiate you into our office routines. Our procedures are complicated and it takes weeks to initiate a new employee into all our procedures.
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