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initiate into (something)

1. To formally install or inaugurate someone into a particular office, group, or role. A noun or pronoun can be used between "induct" and "into." When will we be initiated into the honor society? I can't believe you really want to be initiated into a frat.
2. To familiarize someone with the tasks associated with a particular job or role. Yep, Tina has been initiating me into the tasks that I'll have to do while she's out on maternity leave.
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initiate someone into something

1. to induct someone into an organization or activity, usually in a ceremony. They will initiate me into the fraternity next week. They initiated all their new members into the club at once.
2. to introduce someone to the activities associated with a job or other situation. The personnel department will initiate you into our office routines. Our procedures are complicated and it takes weeks to initiate a new employee into all our procedures.
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Interviews conducted with initiates undergoing circumcision focussed on two issues--life before circumcision and their expectations of life after circumcision.
The process addressed above will automatically initiate the recovery software to restore a failed OS partition from a network UNC path.
Skull and Bones, insisted Robbins in a USA Today op-ed column, "does not run a secret world government, collaborate with Nazis or require initiates to lie naked in a coffin." Sober analysts of the partially submerged international Power Elite do not believe that Skull and Bones is running that hidden network.
A "preauthorized electronic fund transfer" under Regulation E is one authorized by the consumer in advance of a transfer that will take place on a recurring basis, at substantially regular intervals, and will require no further action by the consumer to initiate the transfer.
(2) Concededly, where there are two (or more) permissible methods of accounting for an item, and in connection with an examination the taxpayer discovers that it is employing a suboptimal method, the IRS might properly decline to exercise its authority to initiate a change in method in the tax years under examination.
Tumor promoters--incomplete carcinogens that cannot initiate a malignancy by themselves--also initiated papillomas.
When I interviewed her in 1981, she had initiated thirty-two people into the Orisha tradition, and as the first santera to initiate a recognized Orisha godchild in New York City, she established precedents for performing initiation ceremonies there.
We cannot hope for any of these--or exert effective leadership in an international effort to stop proliferation--so long as we continue to test new nuclear warheads, insist on our freedom to initiate nuclear warfare, and maintain grossly excessive arsenals.
Olden was one of the first NIH directors to initiate programs specifically designed to address health disparities, a measure that has now been adopted by the entire NIH.
2003-36 clarifies that an executor can continue an innocent spouse claim started while the decedent was alive (and can even initiate one after the spouse died), provided the decedent met applicable innocent spouse requirements before death.
Mothers' influence on when their children initiate sexual intercourse appears to be greater for daughters than for sons, according to an analysis of longitudinal data from matched pairs of adolescents and their mothers.
Initiate half-hour/hourly checks and/or placement of resident at nursing station, as needed.
Hand found they could initiate the fuse in many different types of optical fibers.
It also presents an opportune time to review the types of accounting practices that constitute a method of accounting for tax purposes, the general procedures by which a taxpayer may initiate a change in accounting method, certain benefits or consequences of initiating or not initiating a change, and a brief discussion of the new voluntary-method-change guidance.
In an ESCON world, there is no concept of a device suddenly waking up and deciding to initiate a data transfer.