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initiate someone into something

1. to induct someone into an organization or activity, usually in a ceremony. They will initiate me into the fraternity next week. They initiated all their new members into the club at once.
2. to introduce someone to the activities associated with a job or other situation. The personnel department will initiate you into our office routines. Our procedures are complicated and it takes weeks to initiate a new employee into all our procedures.
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A "preauthorized electronic fund transfer" under Regulation E is one authorized by the consumer in advance of a transfer that will take place on a recurring basis, at substantially regular intervals, and will require no further action by the consumer to initiate the transfer.
04, the IRS will not initiate an accounting method change where the change will place the taxpayer in a more favorable position than if the taxpayer had not been contacted for examination.
The first African Americans to initiate into the Yoruba belief system were Oba Sergiman and Christopher Oliana in 1959.
During the HIMSS10 Annual Conference & Exhibition, Initiate will demonstrate how UMass, the leading healthcare provider in Central and Western Massachusetts, will use Initiate Exchange to share information within a community without compromising governance or ownership in a pricing model that works.
Another provision in the proposed regulations requires a financial institution to provide a "transaction trace number," on request, to a taxpayer as evidence that the taxpayer has completed those actions necessary to initiate an ACH credit.
Initiate Interoperable Health facilitates a comprehensive view of a patient or provider across time and clinical settings for use by healthcare applications and portals.
In addition to growth in its profitability and customer base, Initiate expanded its offerings last month by acquiring Accenx Technologies, Inc.
Under the other method (the ACH Credit method), the taxpayer must contact its financial institution to initiate the EFT to a government account.
BeyeNETWORK Recognizes Initiate with 2009 Vision Award for Business Impact for Interoperable Health Solution that Advances Electronic Medical Records for Ochsner
Initiate Offers Healthcare Communities Interoperability and Connectivity with the Addition of Accenx Exchange[TM]
The Enterprise SOA Toolkit allows customers to integrate Initiate technology quickly into their service-oriented architecture and create customized Web services consistent with existing data models and industry standards.
Mastering Data Management" Readers Can Discuss MDM Concepts, Principles with Initiate Thought Leaders and Find Practical Material for Managing Latest Technologies
Initiate is the only "pure play" technology company in the champion sector, and is the "pure play" vendor closest to the center, which is an indication of market leadership.
Initiate Catalyst Patient Registry is built on the Initiate Catalyst platform and leverages Initiate's proven master data management (MDM) and entity resolution technology.