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den of iniquity

A place where seedy activities happen. I'm not surprised to hear that the police raided that club again—it's a den of iniquity!
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den of iniquity

a place filled with criminal activity or wickedness. The town was a den of iniquity and vice was everywhere. Police raided the gambling house, calling it a den of iniquity.
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a den of iniquity

If a place is a den of iniquity, a lot of immoral things happen there. As time went on, he realised he was working in a den of iniquity and that the corruption spread right to the top of the organization.
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a den of iˈniquity/ˈvice

(disapproving) a place where people do bad things: She thinks that just because we sit around smoking and drinking beer the club must be a real den of iniquity.
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The breathtaking images of so much of the story, of Haoyou flying, of the acrobats in the circus, the Mongol way of execution that avoids spilling blood on the ground, of the den of iniquity, so to speak, where Haoyou's mother must work, the ghastly uncle who must be obeyed, the other villain of the story, an evil man who lusts after Haoyou's mother and seeks the family's destruction--all make for a truly marvelous story.
And God wished to punish the Philistines for their idolatry and their iniquity.
There is solitude and sadness, and sometimes a bit of rage; a small iniquity expressed perhaps to demonstrate one's existence.
Otherwise Natas can be seen trolling the bottom-most dens of iniquity in New York with his design associate David Carson.
Rosenzweig, who dodged iniquity, in the New York Police Department in the 1960s, calls Koehler "a period piece, the ultimate West Side bad guy.
Particularly useful is the author's discussion of the symbiotic relationship between the "pathologically intertwined" campaigns for women's suffrage and National Prohibition, which involved all-out assaults on the powerful masculine political culture that allowed such havens of iniquity as saloons to exist in the first place.
And businessmen prefer to think of themselves as victims of political extortion, not as initiators of bribes," all the while "government degenerates into a sea of iniquity.
There are, finally, stylistic infelicities: "Whether Thomas is justified in drawing such a full measure of iniquity against Louis is questionable" (240).
The famous convert, who was consecrated bishop of Hippo (in North Africa) in 395, was perhaps the church's most influential thinker on the subject of the relevance and applicability of Christian ideals and values to the so-called "real world"--that den of iniquity, power politics, and remorseless, take-no-prisoners warfare we call home.
Johnson examined the implications of modern permissiveness in her novel Cork Street, Next to the Hatter's (1965) and in her nonfiction work On Iniquity (1967), which contains her reflections on a contemporary murder case involving sexual sadism.
His writing reflects his angry dismay at the stupidity, iniquity, and sordidness he seemed to find everywhere.
In the book of Exodus, 20:5, one of the commandments says: "You shall not worship them [other gods] or serve them; for I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children, on the third and the fourth generations of those who hate Me.
No, I am afraid that like everyone else in the country I am afraid the residents of Northumberland are just going to have to put up with the iniquity of paying for parking.
Whatever the truth, this was a worthwhile commemoration marking the 50th anniversary of the band first playing The Cavern - which, for some reason, some parents thought of as a den of iniquity .