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inhibit (someone or something) from (doing something)

1. To prevent or keep someone from doing something. My illness inhibited me from going on that hike like I'd planned.
2. To prevent or keep something from happening. A: "The kids really don't want their game to be rained out, so they're currently online, looking up ways to inhibit rain from falling." B: "Huh."
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inhibit someone from doing something

to keep someone from doing something. We will attempt to inhibit Karen from doing it, but we have no control over her. A serious case of shyness inhibited Harry from participating in things.
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inhibit something from doing something

to keep something from happening. We need to inhibit the weeds from further growth. The weeds were inhibited from spreading by the application of a pesticide.
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Zhang [66] had found that Xiaotansanjie could inhibit CSCs proliferation, the expression of VEGF, angiogenesis, and microvessel density (MVD) in a dose dependent manner in vitro.
The participants were given a choice to feel the emotion elicited by the image, or alternatively to inhibit the emotion, by distancing themselves through an act of self-control.
5 is AE, which is expressed during all developmental stages and is inhibited by p-CMB, pirimiphos-methyl and both p-CMB + pirimiphos- methyl.
The team tested the drug in a pre-clinical breast tumor model and found that orally administered Tacrolimus inhibited breast tumor growth rate by over 70 percent.
Ripmeester and Walker, along with student Huang Zeng, MCIC, and post-doctoral worker Lee Wilson, MCIC, were able to conclusively demonstrate that AFPs strongly inhibit the formation of clathrates of THF.
The N- and C-terminal domains of the NS1 protein of influenza B virus can independently inhibit IRF-3 and beta interferon promoter activation.
Therefore--and in light of accumulation of the musks in human tissue--research is needed to determine if the musks similarly inhibit the human efflux transporters, thereby compromising this defense against toxicants.
Overcrowding and tight schedules can inhibit the use of mediation because they aggravate an overall sense of pressure--a sense that is not conducive to the measured pace and open-ended process that mediation requires.
When the woman is taking antibiotics, sometimes the intestinal bacteria are inhibited, which in turn inhibits the usual re-absorption of estrogen.
In January researchers in California addressed concerns that chronic running may not prevent bone mineral density loss in women over 40, and may even inhibit the effects of hormone replacement therapy (HRT).
Irgaguard antimicrobials can inhibit the growth of certain microorganisms, such as fungus, bacteria, algae, mold and mildew, which can cause deterioration, unpleasant odor formation and discoloration in elastomers and rubber applications, to protect the finished product, Irgaguard A is said to be an effective algaecide to inhibit growth of algae and moss on treated articles in certain rubber applications such as roofing, camping accessories and SBS modified asphalt shingles.
Since 1986 it has been known that their cells can produce some substance or substances that inhibit HIV.
This month's Nutrition Hotline concerns the safety of long-term fasting, and the substances in caffeinated beverages that inhibit iron absorption
[8,9] It has been shown that ionized zinc has direct antirhinoviral activity, [10,11] protects cells from damage by viral toxins, [12] and might inhibit the rhinovirus' ability to attach to enter, and infect human nasal cells.
A verbatim transcript or a videotape recording of the meetings of the Federal Open Market Committee might significantly inhibit the members from the free exchange of ideas, which presently characterizes our meetings.