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better a dollar earned than ten inherited

proverb It is better to work for your money than to simply receive it as inheritance. A: "That lazy fool has family money, which is why he's never done anything with his life." B: "Better a dollar earned than ten inherited, I always say."
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inherit (something) from (someone)

1. To receive a genetically-transmitted trait from one's parent. You have red hair, right? That's a recessive trait, which means you inherited a gene for red hair from each of your parents.
2. By extension, to behave in the same manner as one's relative. Oh, she definitely inherited her fiery temper from her mother.
3. To be given something from a deceased person's estate. I can't believe I inherited all this money from Aunt Edna—I hardly even knew her!
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inherit something from someone

1. to receive something from the estate of a person who has died. I inherited this silver bowl from my aunt. Liz inherited her house from her parents.
2. to receive a genetic or behavioral trait from a relative. I inherited my stubbornness from my father's side of the family. My dark hair was inherited from my father.
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