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inherit something from someone

1. to receive something from the estate of a person who has died. I inherited this silver bowl from my aunt. Liz inherited her house from her parents.
2. to receive a genetic or behavioral trait from a relative. I inherited my stubbornness from my father's side of the family. My dark hair was inherited from my father.
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Headscratcher: Since an heir inherits, you might expect heir to sound like the -her- in inherit.
The next Oregon AD will inherit a department that is studded with showcase athletic facilities.
Having inherited the family fortune, an enormous landholding, he now wants more: he wants to inherit eternal life.
Andrea Cesi was to inherit all Portia's remaining goods, lands, tides, and holdings, as befitted the herede universale, but she envisioned an unorthodox and particular use of this inheritance by her son.
Second, it ignores recessive genes which a person may inherit but not exhibit.
This case illustrates that taxpayers under the age of 59 1/2 who inherit an IRA must make a decision.
Whether one child inherits the gene has no bearing on whether others will.
Atreyu is one of about 72,000 Americans with sickle cell anemia; Shiyanne did not inherit the disorder.
But only 13% of men would want to inherit a ring to pass on to their wife.
If there are surviving children, the spouse inherits one-half of the estate and the children inherit the remaining half.
Cost Segregation Consultants, a national service practice dedicated exclusively to identifying and securing tax savings for property owners through a new, complex and underutilized property classification technique, reminds those who have already inherited, or may soon inherit commercial and multifamily residential property, to take advantage of the benefits of a cost segregation analysis as soon as the estate is settled.
You inherit a complete set of your genes (genome) from each parent.
Combining these in Judeo Christian suggests that, after inheriting Palestine in this life, unbaptized Jews will inherit hell in the next.
However, most scientists and physicians who have studied the puzzle of why certain people get the disease while others don't are convinced that heredity-the genes we inherit from our ancestors-is a very important factor.
The chances that any child of an FMEN1 "carrier" win inherit this disorder are 50-50.