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ingratiate oneself into something

to work hard to bring oneself into the favor of someone. Oh, how he fawns over the guests! Isn't it terrible the way he tries to ingratiate himself into their favor? You will never succeed in ingratiating yourself into my good graces.
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ingratiate oneself with someone

to work oneself into someone's favor. Why do you have to ingratiate yourself with everyone? Don't you know how to be just plain friends? She was very obvious in her effort to ingratiate herself with the boss.
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Subordinate use of ingratiation when interacting with the supervisor enhanced subjects' perceptions of fairness concerning the distribution of rewards.
Managers who allow ingratiation attempts aimed at them to influence their behavior, especially their reward behavior, run the risk of alienating those individual who have high self-efficacy in favor of those who may be using ingratiation to make up for a lack of self-efficacy.
1980) found that respondents who frequently sought personal assistance from target persons used ingratiation tactics; respondents who frequently assigned work to target persons used assertiveness.
We found that ingratiation neutralized the relationship between workplace ostracism and psychological distress when used by employees with a high level of political skill, but exacerbated the association when ingratiation was used by employees with low political savvy," Kwan added.
In terms of a conflict tactic, guanxi is very similar to ingratiation in that it depends upon relationship building in order to accomplish a certain end.
Finally, accountability is positively related to both total employee influence, as well as to the individual tactics of ingratiation and sanctions, as proposed.
Two of the 18 items that failed to load highly on any one factor-"acted very humbly while making my request" of the ingratiation subscale and "offered to make a personal sacrifice if the individual (s) would do what I wanted" of the exchange of benefits subscale-were dropped from subsequent analysis.
Consequently, he quickly became jaded by the seemingly unlimited time spent on "philanthropic courtship and ingratiation," and tired of a "highly volatile faculty," and irrational students whose demands "you know in your heart are wrong.
Yet under this president, Russia has run rings around America, from the attempted ingratiation of the "reset'' to America's empty threats of "consequences'' were Russia to annex Crimea.
One insignificant relationship in our analysis is noteworthy: Political skill and ingratiation were uncorrelated, suggesting that these represent distinct constructs.
The role of subordinate performance and ingratiation in leadermember exchanges, Group and Organization Management 19: 67-86.
Research on ingratiation has provided similar evidence that individuals, particularly those observing others' interactions, can detect insincerity and are less receptive to it.
Tactical strategies included ingratiation, boasting,
A few of the tactics commonly presented include ingratiation (get one in a good mood or to see you in a good light), rational persuasion (use logical arguments or factual evidence), and consultation (seek participation in making a decision).
Exploration of these two divergent forms of IM is meaningful given that ingratiation and self-promotion are some of the most studied tactics (Ferris et al.