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ingratiate (oneself) into (something)

To make an effort to receive someone's favor. I have no desire to ingratiate myself into a group of rich buffoons, no matter how many swanky doors they can open for me.
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ingratiate (oneself) with (someone)

To make an effort to receive someone's favor. I have no desire to ingratiate myself with these rich buffoons, no matter how many swanky doors they can open for me.
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ingratiate oneself into something

to work hard to bring oneself into the favor of someone. Oh, how he fawns over the guests! Isn't it terrible the way he tries to ingratiate himself into their favor? You will never succeed in ingratiating yourself into my good graces.
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ingratiate oneself with someone

to work oneself into someone's favor. Why do you have to ingratiate yourself with everyone? Don't you know how to be just plain friends? She was very obvious in her effort to ingratiate herself with the boss.
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Such reactions may be more likely when individuals expect to be rewarded for accomplishment of some benchmark of performance, operate in a somewhat ambiguous environment, and perceive that an ingratiating co-worker has performed at a similar or lower level and yet appears to be rewarded to a greater degree.
His poetry, which owes something to Marianne Moore as well as to the metaphysical school, is formal, polished, yet lively, witty, and full of ingratiating detail.
Fortunately, their endless dithering is made not just tolerable but ingratiating thanks to sparkling performances and a level of wit, whimsy and self-conscious genre riffery that never gets in the way of emotional sincerity.
GATHERED around the half-moon table of death, the desperate, ingratiating smiles on the remaining four couples' faces freeze into a rictus of terror tonight.
Villa chairman/owner Randy Lerner has already broken the mould in ingratiating the club to supporters and the wider community and this is another example of that as he strives to give the charity a platform across the world, thanks to televised games, which it would never normally be afforded.
In the Realms of the Unreal, Yu's Academy Award-short-listed documentary feature (which recently opened in New York and San Francisco), is a cozy, ingratiating introduction to Darger, yet it doesn't shortchange the peculiarities that permitted such a free fall of fascinating aesthetic decisions in his work.
Those functionaries of royal entourages, ingratiating Catalabutte and presumptuous Galifron, were distinct foils for their masters.
Ingratiating their protagonists with their audiences has rarely been a top priority of French directors, and that becomes problematic in this road picture from the makers of Jeanne and the Perfect Guy.
"Indeed, it would be hard to imagine anyone less skilled at ingratiating himself with voters and special-interest groups, or less naturally inclined to do so ...
Finally, the focus on "diversity" alone does not get at the ideological nature of much of the bias in the mainstream; it suggests that if the media simply granted access to a demographically representative group, that the ideological tilt would right itself, when in fact the media are quite adept at finding members from across demographic groups to mouth ingratiating platitudes.
Bakula has the leadingman qualities of Cary Grant or Gregory Peck (whom he much resembles, especially mustachioed in Act I): egregious good looks, a body that can semaphore meaning without seeming to strike poses and an ingratiating smile.
Seventeen years after he scored at Sundance with "The Brothers McMullen," prolific multihyphenate Edward Burns returns to family business with "The Fitzgerald Family Christmas," an unpretentiously ingratiating dramedy about members of an Irish-American clan drawn together, whether they want to be or not, for a Yuletide celebration.
This means our favourite flat-sharing losers Mark and Jez are effectively stuck with each other for a fifth series of self-serving shallowness, doomed attempts at ingratiating themselves with the opposite sex and spot-on cultural analyses of the modern world.
Moments like these felt ingratiating, but the show as a whole highlighted what I take to be Reed's default mode, a kind of nervous, compositional trickiness.
In fact he totally ignored them while busily ingratiating himself with the Argentinians.