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ingratiate oneself into something

to work hard to bring oneself into the favor of someone. Oh, how he fawns over the guests! Isn't it terrible the way he tries to ingratiate himself into their favor? You will never succeed in ingratiating yourself into my good graces.
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ingratiate oneself with someone

to work oneself into someone's favor. Why do you have to ingratiate yourself with everyone? Don't you know how to be just plain friends? She was very obvious in her effort to ingratiate herself with the boss.
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It tells the story of Mr Charlton being ingratiated into the Larkin family and Pop saving the day by holding the village gymkhana in his meadow.
CASE the ace ingratiated himself with the Australian public by grinning non-stop during his ANZ Championship win in New South Wales, and the young Weybridge lad sure has plenty to smile about.
Yet this observation brings with it a companion idea, which is that any candid discussion of Salle's work must, at the very least, acknowledge the fact that the painter's persona of a half-jaded dandy has not ingratiated him to his public.
Darren Vickers (28) then ingratiated himself to, and dominated, eight- year-old Jamie Lavis's family, a jury at Manchester Crown Court was told.
During the search for Jamie, Mr Leveson said that Vickers "had ingratiated himself on Jamie's family, dominated them and became a vigorous media campaigner in the search for him, such that they became his most energetic supporters when the police investigation focused on him".
He really was invisible to many of the friends and business acquaintances who had ingratiated themselves to him in 1992.