ingratiate oneself with

ingratiate (oneself) with (someone)

To make an effort to receive someone's favor. I have no desire to ingratiate myself with these rich buffoons, no matter how many swanky doors they can open for me.
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ingratiate oneself with someone

to work oneself into someone's favor. Why do you have to ingratiate yourself with everyone? Don't you know how to be just plain friends? She was very obvious in her effort to ingratiate herself with the boss.
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It could also be that your mentee isn't at all insecure but thinks that self-deprecation is the best way to ingratiate oneself with superiors.
In order to ingratiate oneself with Top Execs and secure potential jobs, BC has resorted to badmouthing colleagues.
Lying to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) typically isn't the best way to ingratiate oneself with the federal government and its employees.
Weitzman begins with the premise that, under foreign authorities, "the basic options available to Jews were limited--one could ingratiate oneself with foreign rule, operate within its blind spots, or find a way to augment one's power and fight it off" (p.
The opportunity to ingratiate oneself with customers, to turn a professional relationship into a personal one, calls out to vendors.
In a desperate attempt to ingratiate oneself with Big Bosses, SP dished out all sorts of sordid rumors about friends, acquaintances, even relatives.