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ingratiate oneself into something

to work hard to bring oneself into the favor of someone. Oh, how he fawns over the guests! Isn't it terrible the way he tries to ingratiate himself into their favor? You will never succeed in ingratiating yourself into my good graces.
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ingratiate oneself with someone

to work oneself into someone's favor. Why do you have to ingratiate yourself with everyone? Don't you know how to be just plain friends? She was very obvious in her effort to ingratiate herself with the boss.
See also: ingratiate
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After the boy was reported missing, Vickers went on to ingratiate himself with the boy's family, joining in the search for him and even pointing the finger of blame at Jamie's father, John.
Even when her stories were rambling, stoned-seeming, rather familiar recountings of personal misadventures of the "then I got loaded, then I got lost, then I ran into so-and-so" variety, she had a remarkable ability to ingratiate herself with the reader.
The concessionaires have done the smart thing," says Richards, "which is to ingratiate themselves with the local congressmen.
New York, Mar 19 (ANI): American rapper/actress Queen Latifah has revealed in a new book by author Shaun Robinson that she will never ingratiate herself to men again.
to gain favor for by effort <He ingratiates himself with teachers by being helpful.
Fearing her services will no longer be needed at the bar, Cindy attempts to ingratiate herself with Warren, although it soon becomes clear she's backed the wrong horse when the Ashworths, below, snap up the pub.
THE cousin of an honourkilling victim and his friend allowed her to be buried in their garden in Birmingham to ingratiate themselves with community elders, a jury was told.
Warwickshire is one of four police forces trying a new way of tackling the predatory paedophiles who ingratiate themselves into families.
He wants to ingratiate himself with a charismatic newcomer at school, even if it means stealing his grandfather's old Army gun and aiding his new friend in the commission of a crime.
You'll have heard the rumour that Jordan and Peter Andre are to be wed and though I've never met them before, at this point in time I have a fortnight to ingratiate myself.
HEATHER Mills should quash the desire to ingratiate herself quite so publicly with new boyfriend Sir Paul McCartney.
Her sins are multiple: She is androgynous and doesn't care about sexual display; she refuses to follow all the rules of public performance; she won't ingratiate herself.
As a PS12million signing, trying to ingratiate himself with the Kop, the England striker (left) talking up his new employers is not a problem.
Same Difference literally begged people to buy their debut single in April while white-haired Rhydian Roberts, who'd clearly had his ginger roots done, worked hard to ingratiate himself.
Possibly this attack is part of a plan to ingratiate themselves with the Labour leadership in the hope of joining in a sordid coalition with Labour should Labour fail to obtain a majority in the next assembly elections.