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you could hear the grass grow(ing)

It is so still or quiet that one would be able to hear even the tiniest, imperceptible sounds. I reckon you could hear the grass growing in the awkward silence that followed that dreadful performance.
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*sure as God made little green apples

 and *sure as eggs is eggs; *sure as fate; *sure as I'm stand-ing here; *sure as you live
Rur. absolutely certain. (*Also: as ~.) I'm as sure as God made little green apples that he's the one. I'm right, as sure as you live!
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and F-ing
mod. fucking. (Usually objectionable.) What an effing stupid idea! Who is that F-ing idiot.


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effing around

and F-ing around
in. fucking around; messing around. (see also fuck around. Usually objectionable.) They were F-ing around with the switch and turned it on accidentally.
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F-ing around

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References in classic literature ?
They were suffer- ing sharp physical pain, of course; and weariness, and hunger and thirst, no doubt; and at least none had given them the comfort of a wash, or even the poor charity of a lotion for their wounds; yet you never heard them utter a moan or a groan, or saw them show any sign of restlessness, or any disposition to com- plain.
While we laid off after breakfast to sleep up, both of us being about wore out, I got to thinking that if I could fix up some way to keep pap and the widow from trying to follow me, it would be a certainer thing than trust- ing to luck to get far enough off before they missed me; you see, all kinds of things might happen.
Dares to hold such language," said Tom, prompt- ing -- for they talked "by the book," from memory.
In another moment it was on the bank, and in a stride wad- ing halfway across.
It struck the tower of Shepperton Church, smash- ing it down as the impact of a battering ram might have done, swerved aside, blundered on and collapsed with tre- mendous force into the river out of my sight.
There was an occasional flash and glimmer of steel from the backs of all these huge crawl- ing reptiles.
Loud and vociferous congratulations were showered upon the maiden, who stood panting and regard- ing the troops with defiance.
They both went out, and I stared at the steward clear- ing the table.
He looked thoughtfully at the chart as if surveying chances and distances from a lofty height--and follow- ing with his eyes his own figure wandering on the blank land of Cochin-China, and then passing off that piece of paper clean out of sight into uncharted regions.
For all one could tell, he had recovered already from the disease of hope; and only Miss Bessie Carvil knew that he said noth- ing about his son's return because with him it was no longer "next week," "next month," or even "next year.
He turned it over and over several times every year, but was not go- ing to plant anything "just at present.
I threw my head back to a glint- ing whizz that traversed the pilot-house, in at one shutter- hole and out at the other.
I declare it looked as though he would presently put to us some question in an understandable language; but he died without utter- ing a sound, without moving a limb, without twitching a muscle.
She had even more than is necessary to understand suffer- ing and to be moved by pity.
When, as happened once or twice I caught her at an elegant little wash-tub rubbing hard on white col lars, baby's socks, and Hermann's summer neck ties, she would blush in girlish confusion, and rais ing her wet hands greet me from afar with many friendly nods.