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infuse someone with something

to teach someone a body of knowledge or a perspective on a body of knowledge. The schools sought to infuse the children with a sense of history. Children should be infused with a respect for the rights of others.
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infuse something into someone

to instill specific knowledge into a person; to teach someone something very well. The boss infused a lot of company information into the new assistant before she took another job. The teacher infused a lot of knowledge into the students in a short time.
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infuse something into something

to mix something into something. You should infuse this mixture into the tea. The tea was infused into the water very slowly.
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infuse something with something

to make something mix into some liquid. He infused the mixture with a strong solution of soap. The chemical mixture was infused with the other solution.
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In the past, these have included pots with infusers that lift out, pots with two compartments and a filter between the two, and the Simple Yet Perfect pot (designed by the Earl of Dundonald in 1905) that stood on its back to brew and then, when the tea was ready, tipped forward on to its legs to make sure the leaves were no longer in contact with the boiling water.
INNOVA[TM] Electric Infuser Accelerator (Item # INF300) Product Features:
This tea infuser turns tea time into an underwater adventure.
Designed with simple grace and efficiency, the Teastick is a scooper and infuser in one.
It features a disposable insulin infuser reservoir attached to a reusable insulin monitor.
Nevertheless, the Birdie Swing Tea Infuser should perk the whole process up a bit - just fill it with loose tea, place it on a cup of hot water and watch it bring your brew to life.
Or, for something more modern, try the T-Bird swing tea infuser, (ref 43687, PS8.
THE MENTALIST C5, 9pm NOT even the most addicted drinker would stop and make brew with a used infuser they'd just fished out of a stranger's sink.
WE LOVE DRAMA THE MENTALIST C5, 9pm NOT even the most addicted tea drinker would stop and make a brew with a used infuser they'd just fished out of a stranger's sink.
This stainless steel infuser features adjustable arms to allow it to fit in any cup.
Han Solo in carbonite business card case, Wampa ice scraper mitt, Lightsaber ice pop maker, and before it is available to the general public, a Death Star tea infuser.
We used the rapid infuser and sterile water for inhalation as it was readily available in our intensive care setting, and in the operating theatre a standard IV fluid warmer could be used and may already be in use.
That's precisely what a tea infuser, just launched in Dubai, is called with its makers claiming that it can retain the original flavour and aroma of the tea leaves plucked from India's rich plantations.
The Tea Leaf Infuser was inspired by flower pots and allows the tea drinker to use loose leaf tea in the micro-perforated stainless steel basket.
They have colourful two-cup pots without an infuser - and you can buy one separately for pounds 4.