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infuse (someone or something) with (something)

1. To add an ingredient to something by soaking or steeping. Oh, I always infuse my water with lemon—it's so refreshing!
2. To put forth effort so that someone learns or remembers something. She really needs to infuse her kids with a sense of respect for others, sheesh.
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infuse (something) into (someone or something)

1. To add an ingredient to something by soaking or steeping. Oh, I always infuse lemon into my water—it's so refreshing!
2. To put forth effort so that someone learns or remembers something. I really tried to infuse these physics equations into my students, but judging by their grades on the test, we need to revisit them. She really needs to infuse a sense of respect for others into her kids, sheesh.
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infuse someone with something

to teach someone a body of knowledge or a perspective on a body of knowledge. The schools sought to infuse the children with a sense of history. Children should be infused with a respect for the rights of others.
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infuse something into someone

to instill specific knowledge into a person; to teach someone something very well. The boss infused a lot of company information into the new assistant before she took another job. The teacher infused a lot of knowledge into the students in a short time.
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infuse something into something

to mix something into something. You should infuse this mixture into the tea. The tea was infused into the water very slowly.
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infuse something with something

to make something mix into some liquid. He infused the mixture with a strong solution of soap. The chemical mixture was infused with the other solution.
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The claim that the "fuller" prudence is a combination of acquired and infused prudence is enormously problematic, and not simply due to its suggestion of two last ends as well as the engendering of compartmentalized areas of one's life governed by different rules.
Creating an infused curriculum is an important step in the effort to ensure more Aboriginal students stay in school, Leask explained.
Bodine said that Hazed & Infused brand began as a one-barrel batch for a local pub, but soon expanded into draught and 22-ounce bottles.
Availability continues to be a key sales propellant of cannabis infused drinks, as these beverages are approved to be sold in modern trade chains across regions where marijuana has been legalized for medicinal and recreational use.
'We are also choosing to launch this brand with a balanced THC and CBD profile (1:1 ratio), in order to provide consumers with a mild, yet effective cannabis experience.' Gruv Beverages will be one of the first brands launched by BevCanna in the U.S., and in Canada following the legalization of infused products in Oct 2019.
[ClickPress, Wed Jul 10 2019] Fact.MR study offers a long-term perspective of the cannabis infused drinks market for the period, 2019 to 2029.
M2 EQUITYBITES-April 25, 2019-Ionic Brands Enters Edibles and Infused Products Category with Agreement to Acquire Natural Extractions
(CSE: TGIF) (OTCQX: TGIFF) has closed on its agreement to acquire the remaining 9.0% of the issued and outstanding membership interests of Infused MFG LLC, the company said.
Infused vinegars will last at least a year, if not more.
- At the event, Select CBD will announce and present a brand new hemp-derived, essential oil infused CBD product.
M2 PHARMA-December 29, 2016-NutraFuels receives and completes order for two oral spray products infused with Hemp CBD
Besides, the government infused Rs 2,229 crore in IDBI Bank, Rs 2,009 crore in Indian Overseas Bank and Rs 1,732 crore in Punjab National Bank.
TWG Tea's signature tea-infused salads, sandwiches and main courses include the TWG Tea Salad, featuring an 1837 green tea infused vinaigrette.
Urban Bohemian features five shades of Lasting Finish Lipstick infused with light reflecting Black Diamond and Black Mica for depth and intensity.
Through probes inserted directly in the fat of the participants' buttocks and abdomen, the researchers slowly infused two drugs, either individually or together, that encourage lipolysis.