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infuse someone with something

to teach someone a body of knowledge or a perspective on a body of knowledge. The schools sought to infuse the children with a sense of history. Children should be infused with a respect for the rights of others.
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infuse something into someone

to instill specific knowledge into a person; to teach someone something very well. The boss infused a lot of company information into the new assistant before she took another job. The teacher infused a lot of knowledge into the students in a short time.
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infuse something into something

to mix something into something. You should infuse this mixture into the tea. The tea was infused into the water very slowly.
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infuse something with something

to make something mix into some liquid. He infused the mixture with a strong solution of soap. The chemical mixture was infused with the other solution.
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The active ingredient in Infuse Bone Graft - rhBMP-2 - is a manufactured version of a protein already present in the body that promotes new bone growth.
To use INFUSE Bone Graft, surgeons reconstitute the rhBMP-2 powder with sterile water and then apply it to collagen sponges.
The new indications for Infuse Bone Graft will be used in the company's OLIF51 procedures with certain sizes of the PEEK Perimeter Implant at a single level from L5-S1; in OLIF25 procedures with certain sizes of the PEEK Clydesdale Implant at a single level from L2-L5; in ALIF procedures with certain sizes of the PEEK; As well as Perimeter Implant at a single level from L2-S1.
In that report, a group of spine specialists publicly rejected the studies performed by the Medtronic-financed researchers, claiming they had understated serious adverse effects connected with Infuse, including increased risk of cancer, infections, bone dissolution, worsened back and leg pain, and male sterility.
The Galaxy S3 comes in three internal storage variants - 16/32/64GB (the 64GB is expected to be available at a later date), whereas the Infuse 4G comes only with 16GB of internal storage.
He infuses Indigo Luxe Spanish Gin with flowering chives and uses the spirit in the popular Market Mojitonico, an offering on his Market Cocktails menu, which highlights local seasonal produce.
Infuse Bone Graft is the only bone graft replacement to receive a US Pre-Market Approval from the FDA specifically for use in lumbar spinal fusion procedures to treat degenerative disc disease.
Samsung Infuse 4G has a dimension of 132 x 71 x 9 mm and weighs 139 g.
The new indication for Infuse includes oral maxillofacial and dental regenerative bone grafting procedures.
Developmental Infuse thermoplastic olefin block copolymers (OBCs) from Dow Chemical, Midland, Mich.
The FDA's Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Devices Advisory Panel recommended that the agency approve InFuse Bone Graft, a genetically engineered version of bone morphogenetic protein produced by Minneapolis, MN-based Medtronic Inc.
To make "infused Citrus vodka," infuse vodka for three days in a glass container with sliced lemons, limes and oranges.
A physician would infuse the modified stem cells into a patient in hopes that they would make themselves at home in bone marrow, where the body generates new immune cells.