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infuse someone with something

to teach someone a body of knowledge or a perspective on a body of knowledge. The schools sought to infuse the children with a sense of history. Children should be infused with a respect for the rights of others.
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infuse something into someone

to instill specific knowledge into a person; to teach someone something very well. The boss infused a lot of company information into the new assistant before she took another job. The teacher infused a lot of knowledge into the students in a short time.
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infuse something into something

to mix something into something. You should infuse this mixture into the tea. The tea was infused into the water very slowly.
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infuse something with something

to make something mix into some liquid. He infused the mixture with a strong solution of soap. The chemical mixture was infused with the other solution.
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Medtronic asserted that the complaint should be dismissed because the Infuse device was approved by the FDA.
The abuses related to disinformation about InFuse were so serious that, in June 2011, The Spine Journal published an entire issue documenting the actions of select academic surgeons who were paid by Medtronic and who misled other surgeons about the dangerous side effects associated with InFuse.
The Galaxy S3 has a microSD card slot with additional memory space of 64GB while the Infuse 4G contains a microSD card with additional memory of 32GB.
Studies utilizing INFUSE Bone Graft as well as continued use in my practice show significant patient benefits," said Kenneth Burkus, M.
Other side effects associated with INFUSE Bone Graft off-label use include uncontrolled bone growth, ectopic bone growth, inflammatory cyst formation, cancer, paralysis, difficulty swallowing and difficulty speaking.
With the Workfront Marketing Work Management solution, Infuse Medical was able to streamline its new business process, so that just two individuals are now able to scope a project in 30 minutes, much faster than the two to four hours previously needed.
Medtronic has been embroiled for the past few years in ongoing investigations into off-label use of its Infuse product.
lt;strong>Display:</strong><br /> Samsung Infuse 4G features the largest display screen in the market with 4.
In San Francisco, Gabriel Bryant, beverage manager for Etiquette, infuses bourbon with vanilla, nutmeg and spice.
The company says the Infuse Bone Graft/LT-Cage Device was designed to aid in the treatment of degenerative disc disease.
From custom training programs with interactive 3D simulation to comprehensive and secure content management systems to sales analysis tools, Infuse Medical is one of the most innovative and progressive organizations in the medical device education and marketing space.
lt;strong>Memory:</strong><br /> The memory of 1 GB RAM along with 16 GB of internal storage is expected to be featured in Infuse 4G whereas HTC Sensation has 768 MB RAM and 1 GB storage with 8 GB included in it.
The new indication for Infuse includes oral maxillofacial and dental regenerative bone grafting procedures.
Developmental Infuse thermoplastic olefin block copolymers (OBCs) from Dow Chemical, Midland, Mich.
The FDA's Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Devices Advisory Panel recommended that the agency approve InFuse Bone Graft, a genetically engineered version of bone morphogenetic protein produced by Minneapolis, MN-based Medtronic Inc.