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infringe (up)on (something)

To encroach on something. Well, if you don't want us infringing on your personal freedom, don't do anything that compels us to ground you for a month. Their new fence better not be infringing upon our land!
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infringe (up)on something

to interfere with the rights of someone or with someone's property rights; to encroach on something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) You are infringing upon my right to free speech. lam not infringing on your property. I'm in my own yard.
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A Review Committee shall then look into the IPO report and decide whether or not the concerned website infringes copyright with its content.
This point of contact corresponds to the "focal point" that the TRIPS Agreement refers to in connection with the WTO Members' obligations to exchange information related to the trade of products that infringes the IP rights.
technology industry, and today's decision proves that we did not infringe on
"Wright Medical has infringed, and continues to infringe, directly, contributorily, and/or through the inducement of others, the claimed apparent uses and methods of the ConforMIS patents through at least the Prophecy Pre-Operative Navigation Guides and the Prophecy Inbone Pre-Operative Navigation System that Wright Medical makes, uses, imports, exports, sells, and/or offers for sale," ConforMIS alleged in its lawsuit.
The patent on auto-complete while typing had already been found to infringe, and the jury was only to calculate a damages award for that one.
Some Samsung devices infringe two Apple patents for multitouch features and headphone jack detection, while newer devices work around those patents, the US International Trade Commission said in a notice posted on its website.
Kodak alleges that smartphones and tablets from both companies infringe its patents related to transmitting images.
Eastman Kodak Company is suing Fujifilm Corporation, claiming that some of its Japanese rival's cameras infringe its patented digital-imaging technology.
6 December 2011 - Danish biopharma company Genmab A/S (CPH:GEN) announced today the court decision saying that its leukaemia drug Arzerra did not infringe a US patent of Genentech Inc and Biogen Idec Inc (NASDAQ:BIIB) had been appealed.
A final determination from the ITC affirms the Chief Administrative Law Judge's ruling earlier this year that South Korean company Suprema and US-based Mentalix infringe Cross Match's hardware and software patents.
When making a claim for active inducement, circumstantial evidence of intent to infringe may be sufficient, including evidence of a failure to investigate, failure to explore design-around solutions, failure to take remedial steps and failure to seek legal advice.
The alleged infringing products cover a variety of Sharp's LCD products ranging from small to large sizes, including Sharp's Quattron series LCD TVs which AUO believes to infringe at least US Patent No.
Summary: Smith & NephewEoACAOs NPWT Products Found To Infringe
"MShift strongly believes that Digital Insight's mobile banking services, which are not provided by MShift, infringe upon the '881 patent.' This action against Digital Insight and against companies, such as Community Trust Bank, that have chosen to use an infringing technology, demonstrates MShift's ardent commitment to protecting our many years of investment in research and development," said Scott Moeller, CEO of MShift in Fremont, Calif.
Stephen Jones, legal director at Rotork, said: "There are differences in the Autork product but there are certain features that have been copied and infringe our IP.