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inform on someone

to tell the authorities about someone; to tattle on someone. I am going to have to inform on you. Liz informed on Ken to their mother.
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inform someone about someone or something

to tell someone about someone or something. How is my friend Tom getting on? I asked you to inform me about him from time to time. Please inform me about the state of the contract for the book.
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inform someone of something

to tell someone a fact. Please inform Sally of my decision. Sally has been informed of your decision.
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inform someone on someone

to tattle (on someone) (to someone). I will inform the teacher on you! Billy informed his mother on Bobby.
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inform on

or inform against
To disclose confidential or incriminating evidence about someone to an authority: The FBI agent informed on the drug dealers. You can't force me to inform against my own family.
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In this situation the counselor appropriately reserved the right to disclose the informant's name at a later time, if necessary, but was attempting to address the problem without revealing the informing student's name.
PHOTO In May, Beverly Hills residents will decide if fur coats such as this should have labels informing buyers how the animal was killed.
Drawing on Frankfurt School and structuralist theories, Hansen utilizes, on the one hand, the universal Marxist law that the economic base determines the ideas and images informing the superstructure, and, on the other hand, she draws on post-modern theories to demonstrate that artistic excesses, gaps and fissures within the classic American cinema reveals the way artists and audiences were resisting traditional values.
Informing time shifts could be arranged in which residents take turns looking out for suspicious people hanging around outside or inside the building.
The system automatically enforces these limits while informing your employees what has happened.
The chairman said municipal bond issuers that do not keep purchasers informed well enough of matters that affect solvency and those that sell municipal debt are not informing buyers of the markups and commissions they must pay.